Accuracy & Policies

Maneater standards and procedures.


The Maneater is dedicated to accurate reporting. All of our reporters are required to double-check quotes with their sources prior to publication. If you were quoted in a Maneater report and weren't contacted for a quote check, or if you notice an inaccuracy, please contact the editors at


Requests to Revise/Remove Content

In addition to publishing online-exclusive content, The Maneater’s website acts as a digital archive of content printed in issues of its newspaper. Thorough archives since the website’s most recent iteration in February 2008 are available as well as intermittent prior content published retroactively. This content is retained freely and publicly for the benefit of the publication, its readers and its former staff. The Maneater will not retract any of this content unless it is found to be plagiarized or libelous.

It will — upon the request of a concerned party or of its own discovery — correct information, particularly within articles, found to be inaccurate or misleading at the time of publication. Corrections to stories printed in its newspaper will be immediately appended to the archived story online and identified in the next issue of the newspaper on page 2. Corrections to online-exclusive content will also be immediately updated and indicated on its present/archived web page. Changes and updates to content which was correct at the time of publication but later rendered inaccurate will be administered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the publication's current editor-in-chief.

In making corrections, in addition to retracting or revising text-based content, The Maneater attempts to distinguish such changes by appending an additional field describing the revisions and appending a date and time modified stamp to its articles. However, because web pages are frequently archived by outside sites — including many search engines — and cached by individuals’ web browsers, The Maneater cannot guarantee that any information revised or deleted will be permanently removed from the web nor that effected changes will immediately be reflected to all web users.


Articles, editorials, columns, blog posts and multimedia content on The Maneater's website are open to public comments. This is intended to be a forum for reader reaction, input and related discussion. Anyone may post a comment. Registration or log in is not required to submit a comment. Anonymous comments are accepted, but proper names are preferred. Comments will be moderated before appearing on the site. While The Maneater will not censor opinions or language, unsubstantiated posts of malice or those deliberately promoting external links unrelated to the subject will be rejected.

Social Media Policy

Our social media policy follows that of our online commenting policy found here. All comments posted on The Maneater's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as the pages associated with them, such as MOVEManeater and Maneater Sports will be moderated. We reserve the right to remove comments that contain obscene or vulgar language, comments that contain language attacking fellow commenters, comments that discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity and comments that contain solicitation.

Letters to the editor

The Maneater strives to encourage discussion among the MU community. Generally, any letter from students, faculty, staff, alumni and extended community will be considered for publication. In addition, those of topical significance to the university and its students will also be considered. Letters can be emailed to or dropped off at 2509 MU Student Center. Submissions must include the writers' phone numbers and/or email addresses. Most letters must be signed to be published; anonymity will be considered in a small number of cases, where necessary. The Maneater reserves the right to edit letters and columns for style and length.

Using the site

With the exception of letters to the editor, The Maneater collects contact information for its use only. While contact information fields — such as, but not limited to, email address, phone number and mailing address — may be required for certain account registration, comments and email submissions, such information will not be published nor released to any third party. This information is collected for identification purposes, where necessary, and enables The Maneater to accurately and promptly follow-up to postings, when necessary. Falsifying this information will invalidate all information associated with it. Comments, letters to the editor and feedback will be dismissed accordingly. Accounts may be terminated indefinitely.

Requests for anonymity in published letters to the editor will be considered by the editor-in-chief when a letter contains sensitive information that would be damaging to the writer's well-being. Accurate contact information must still be provided to the editor-in-chief when the letter is submitted. Requests for anonymity will be determined after the writer's authenticity is confirmed. Traditionally, The Maneater will publish the writer's name and email address at the end of the letter. Letters written by multiple people or on behalf of an organization will be signed by all those who have written or otherwise endorsed the writing.