GRiZ closes out the summer with surprise EP

GRiZ surprises fans with new EP days before playing sold out Red Rocks show.

It has been a life-changing year for DJ/producer GRiZ. The future funk artist kicked off 2015 with the launch of his own record label All Good Records. GRiZ then continued to bring the heat with a new album “Say It Loud,” followed by a string of sold out tour dates. And now, the summer has come to a sweet end with the release of his latest EP “Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 1.”

GRiZ surprised fans by releasing this EP just two days before playing a sold out Red Rocks show Sept. 4 in Colorado. Once again, GRiZ showed love to his fans by putting the lengthy EP up on his website for free download along with his entire discography.

In “Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 1,” GRiZ returns to a hip-hop influenced production style while still delivering his signature saxophone skills and beat mastery. This album showcases GRiZ’s ability to evolve his sound from future-funk to electro-soul and back with style and ease.

This installment of feel-good tunes opens up with “Love Will Follow You” featuring Russ Liquid and sets the mood for the collection of smooth summer tracks. The EP is perfect for setting any mood whether it be to relax, to study or just to dance.

The entire album is meant to capture the laid back vibe of the perfect summer evening and does so in songs like “Cabin Sessions” and “Feelin’ High.” The song “Summer ‘97” features All Good Records artist Muzzy Bearr and embodies the carefree and jazzy feel of the entire album.

Each of the tracks on “Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 1” seamlessly flow into each other like the way the sun slowly descends into the ocean as it sets. The chase for the golden hour comes to a blissful end in “The Moment Seizes Us” with some dreamlike saxophone.

GRiZ always delivers and this EP is no exception. Give it a listen for an instant mood-lifter.

GRiZ will be playing Oct. 1 at The Blue Note.

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