Clothing on consignment

New Beginnings, a thrift shop, features a different style of shopping.
Absolute Vintage on Broadway.

Looking for something more modern to wear? No matter what it is, you can probably find it at New Beginning.

The consignment store is in a basement that holds more clothes than it looks like it should. A main room is filled with purses, men’s and women’s tops and pants, activewear, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics and an entire rack just for Mizzou gear. Through a door, you can find formal wear, maternity clothes, business clothes and others.

However, a consignment store is different from a thrift store, which would just sell used clothing donated to them. It’s different still from a vintage store like Maude or Absolute Vintage, where they seek out a lot of their clothes.

“We sell things on contract for others,” owner Stacie Allen said. “They get a 90-day period and 45 percent of what it sells for.”

New Beginning does sell some vintage clothing, found on a rack near the front counter. There are some wacky pieces to be found when rifling through it. For the most part, however, the store does not try to carry vintage pieces, instead selling more modern clothes.

“We have current or classically styled things,” Allen said. “We try to have a bit of something for everyone.”

And they do. Even as you’re walking downstairs to get to the store, clothes are hanging up on the walls. It’s a bit of sensory overload when you get there, but if you’re willing to commit to sifting through the racks, you’ll definitely find something that fits your style.

“It’s like having a big princess closet, to be honest,” Allen said.

New Beginning, located at 7 S. Tenth Street, is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The store has a 10 percent student discount when you show a valid student ID.

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