Lauv sells out first show at The Blue Note

Lauv performed his hit songs “I Like Me Better” and “Paris in the Rain” at The Blue Note on Oct. 14.
Singer and record producer Lauv sold out the Blue Note in Columbia on Oct. 14, 2018. Courtesy of Twitter via Lauv

Singer-songwriter and record producer Lauv performed a sold-out show at The Blue Note on Oct. 14, after opening a show for Ed Sheeran the night before in Kansas City. Even though it was a rainy Sunday, that didn’t stop crowds from lining up outside the music venue before the doors even opened. Lauv thanked his fans for waiting for him, telling the crowd it was incredible that anyone was willing to wait in the rain for him.

Charlotte Lawrence, an up-and-coming singer and model, opened the show at 8 p.m. Lawrence is only 18 years old, but she amazed the crowd with her powerful high notes and dreamy falsetto. She opened with “Just the Same,” hyping out the crowd with her voice and the chill electronic vibe that is found in many of her songs. She sang songs from her EP “Young” and performed some of her more popular songs like “Sleep Talking” and “Psychopath.”

Lauv’s performance started a bit late. He opened with a medley of his hit songs “I Like Me Better” and “Paris in the Rain.” Throughout the show, he played both the acoustic and electric guitar, the piano and remixed some of his songs with a sampler. Although he performed many songs from his debut album “I met you when I was 18. (the playlist),” he also sang some songs from his EP “Lost in the Light.” His dance and electronic style got the crowd excited and jumping as he performed “Chasing Fire,” “Enemies,” “Paranoid,” “Reforget” and also his popular song with DJ Snake, “­A Different Way.”

Before performing his slower song “The Story Never Ends” with beautiful vocals and falsettos, he talked about his experience of falling in love for the first time in New York City.

“It’s basically all the ups and downs,” Lauv said, explaining the premise of the song. When he prompted the crowd to make some noise if they’d ever fallen in love before, many people shouted in agreement. “So, you guys know it’s only the good times, the weird times, the really, really, really good times and the really, really, really bad times. You guys break up, get back together, the whole thing…”

Lauv explained his project called My Blue Thoughts, where the audience at his concerts can leave their thoughts in a box. One day, he found a note in the box that inspired his song “Superhero.” The note said, “I met a superhero. I lost her. I want her back,” which were used as lyrics in this more upbeat song.

He then performed his love song “There’s No Way,” which is a newer release that features Julia Michaels. He also performed “Easy Love,” which he introduced as a song about “make-up sex,” and performed a flashy electric guitar solo toward the end of the song. After playing “Adrenaline,” he slowed it down as a piano was brought out. He said that he had recently found love again and thus covered the well-known song “Chasing Pavements” by Adele.

Continuing with the piano, he played his slower song “Breathe,” which shared his experience of young love and moving to Los Angeles from New York City. With that, he ended his act.

The crowd was not satisfied and chanted for an encore. He returned to the stage soon after and performed “I Like Me Better” once more. Although the setlist included one of his newer songs, “Never Not,” it was canceled and he skipped it to perform “The Other,” one of his older songs that was first released in 2015.

He ended the show after that performance, thanking the crowd once more before disappearing behind the stage. Most of the audience looked very satisfied as they filed out of the hall into the chilly night.

In my opinion, the show was incredible. Lauv is undoubtedly talented in creating music, and he was very youthful in his performance. He sounded amazing live, and he was consistently singing on key despite jumping around on stage, and that’s something to commend. His character was also very charming. He complained about his fashion choice, deciding that his jumpsuit wasn’t very practical. He also asked if the audience was keeping hydrated several times during his show, which I thought was very sweet. At $20, I think the show was very worth it.

Lauv is already finding a lot of success with his music. I think with his great vocals that he managed to showcase with ease live and his talent in producing and writing songs, he will definitely be able to grow even more. Hopefully, he will come back to perform in Columbia. I would certainly see him again and would recommend everyone else to do so as well.

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