Homecoming parade brings traditions each year

Check out this scavenger hunt for things to look for at this year’s parade.

On Oct. 10, Rollins Street will be filled with students, community members and faculty ready to celebrate MU’s 104th Homecoming at the annual parade.

“It’s one of my favorite days of the year, for sure,” MU Homecoming Advisor Alyson Friend said. “You can hear the marching band practice, Marching Mizzou kind of kicks everything off, so it’s just a lot of fun and a really great start to that day for Homecoming.”

To make the parade even more fun, The Maneater has provided a scavenger hunt of people, organizations and things to keep an eye out for on that busy morning.

1. Different residence halls will be represented throughout the parade, so try to keep an eye out for the residence halls that create “HawLeWood.” Hint: HawLeWood consists of three different residence halls.

2.The parade will feature multiple Greek chapters, but let’s see if you can spot them by their Greek letter signs. They march with their own as well as their pairings’ letters to represent their Greek Homecoming pride.

3. Who are the Homecoming Royalty candidates? Can you name them all? The top 10 King and Queen candidates will be walking in the parade before one of them is crowned that night at the football game. Getting a photo of the crowns wouldn’t be a bad idea.

4.Friend said Athletic Director Mack Rhoades will be hanging out on Rollins Street during the parade. You should get a photo of him showing off his Homecoming pride with a football in his hand.

5. Timothy M. Wolfe, president of the UM System, will be making an appearance at the parade too. Get a photo of him in the parade.

6. Do you know what a karategis, aka “gi,” is? The parade will have some guests dressed in them. See if you can pick them out of the crowd.

7. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin will be at the parade, but he is very busy throughout it all. Try to grab his attention and get a selfie with him.

8. During the parade, you can get some free swag as well. Some items that will be handed out are a little football, three different stickers, a pompom, three different types of fun-sized candy and homemade kettle corn, which runs out quick.

9. There will be coupons handed out by multiple businesses from the Columbia area, so make sure to grab as many of those as possible.

10. Finally, make sure to be at the parade a tad early so you can get a good seat. The parade map can be found on the Mizzou 2015 Homecoming parade website.

The parade starts at 9 a.m. and will go through downtown. It can be watched via livestream here.

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