MSA parking proposal still in progress

The system prioritizes on-campus residents when assigning parking.

A proposal by the Missouri Students Association, Legion of Black Collegians and Residence Halls Association would have the MU Parking and Transportation Services adjust the parking system. In order to be implemented, the proposal would need to be approved by multiple administrative organizations on campus, including Residential Life.

The proposal, written by MSA President Tim Noce and RHA President Rachael Feuerborn, was originally passed in October and was opposed by the Graduate Professional Council.

Noce said the proposal has run into friction with Residential Life, but he is unsure who specifically has taken issue with the proposal.

"Long story short, we were going to try to finalize everything but something got messed up," Noce said. "I'm pretty sure that it has gotten held up in a Residential Life meeting, but I'm not certain who specifically is opposed to the proposal."

Noce said the bill is still imperative and might require more work to be considered more seriously by administrative organizations.

"Even though it's a hard time of year to try to get bigger projects done, nobody has forgotten about the proposal," Noce said. "This is something that I'll be working on all summer to make sure it gets through later on, and hopefully so that improvements in parking will finally come this fall and for the future in general."

Feuerborn said arguments against the parking proposal have not changed, and finding a way to appeal and respond to such arguments will be integral to implementing the proposal.

"Residential Life has made the same argument, which is that those who live on campus should have privilege over people who live off campus when it comes to assigning parking spots because they're within a closer proximity," Feuerborn said. "We need to figure out a way to appease everyone, not just Residential Life, and this is something we will have to continue working on."

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