Student center construction ahead of schedule

The final stages of construction will be completed in October.
The last section of construction for Phase II of the student center is ahead of schedule and is now scheduled to be completed in October. This section of the structure contains new offices for KCOU/88.1 FM, MUTV/Channel 23 and a lounge comparable to Stotler Lounge in size.

The final leg of construction for the student center's Phase II will be completed and open for students in October, two months earlier than expected, Student Auxiliary Services spokeswoman Michelle Froese said.

This final construction follows the completion of Phase II construction that, as of an announcement in March, will be completed and open on August 18.

Final construction after the March announcement was to be completed in December but will now be completed in October. Froese attributes this to efficient construction work.

"Things are clearly going well, and those working on the construction want to get this done," Froese said. "It's great for the workers to be ahead of schedule because it allows them to start other projects ahead of schedule."

Included in this final section will be a fireplace lounge comparable in size to Stotler Lounge, as well as offices for KCOU/88.1 FM, MUTV/Channel 23, the Wellness Resource Center, New Student Programs and The Maneater.

Additionally, the MU Student Entrepreneur Center will be located in these offices.

"The entrepreneur center is a place where students can propose new business ideas and upon being approved, can use the office space to help jump-start their business endeavors," Froese said.

Froese said a building dedication could potentially be held during Homecoming week.

"We would definitely like to see a building dedication held during Homecoming week, but nothing is set in stone yet," Froese said. "Right now we're working with the Alumni Association to make sure the building dedication wouldn't overlap with any of their Homecoming plans. With things being so ahead of schedule, everyone is sort of in high gear to make sure everything works out right, but it's our hope that everyone will be ready to go by the time it opens."

Student Unions Assistant Director Joe Hayes said the opening of the new student center will allow traffic patterns on campus to flow more efficiently.

"People used to walk through Brady and did not have to go around, but once the new student center opens up, people will be able to use it as a walkthrough again," Hayes said.

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