The Briefing: MU journalism faculty vote to change non-journalism requirements

Journalism students who are enrolled in a 3000-level course may be eligible for fee reassessment.

The MU journalism faculty have voted to allow 2000-level courses to count for non-journalism upper level requirements, according to an email from journalism advising Feb. 8.

Previously, non-journalism course requirements for a journalism major required that students take 3000-level or above courses. The change is immediate, and applies to all students.

Director of undergraduate advising Pete Ozias fielded student questions through a Canvas announcement about the new policy. Ozias said that prior courses taken at the 2000-level will now count toward the non-journalism requirements.

Ozias also directed students to the MU Cashiers Office website for questions regarding refunds for students who enrolled in a 3000-level course they no longer need.

Students enrolled in a full session, 3000-level course they no longer need have until March 18 to drop the class and receive a 25 percent reassessment, according to the current fee reassessment schedule on the MU Cashiers Office website. After March 18, there will be no reassessment.

For eight-week sessions, reassessment depends on which session the student is enrolled in. Students enrolled in the first eight-week session are no longer eligible for reassessment, as over 50 percent of the class has elapsed. Students preparing to take the second eight-week session have until March 20 to drop the course and receive a 100 percent reassessment.

Students enrolled in the self-paced, 16-week session have until March 18 to drop the class and receive a 25 percent reassessment.

Before dropping a 3000-level or above course due to the new policy, students who receive financial aid should check with the Office of Financial Aid to see how dropping the course will affect their aid award, according to the MU Cashiers Office website.

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