UPDATE: Sigma Sigma Sigma president resigns following allegations of racist conduct

The allegations came from an anonymous member via an Instagram account earlier in the week.
The Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority house, photographed on Thursday. Shon Sayfuddinov

Under the threat of a lawsuit from Blakeley's family, Strip Your Letters has retracted the information included in this story. More information about the retraction can be found here.

Following allegations of racist comments and behavior, Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority president Caitlin Blakeley has resigned and is leaving the chapter.

Blakeley confirmed her resignation to The Maneater, issuing the following statement:

“I stand by my earlier statement. I made the difficult decision to resign based on what I believe is best.”

Original Story

The chapter president of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, Caitlin Blakeley, is accused of making racist comments, according to a recent Instagram post from Strip Your Letters Mizzou.

The post was created based on information shared by a current member of the sorority who chose to remain anonymous. According to the post, Blakeley said “we shouldn’t empathize with Black people” and “confederate flags should be left up in Greek town.”

The post also claims that Blakeley was previously reported to Sigma Sigma Sigma national headquarters and the Panhellenic Association, but neither organization has taken disciplinary action.

Blakeley issued the following statement to The Maneater:

“I am not a racist. The post about me on social media is filled with lies and fabrications and does not reflect my beliefs. Nor does it reflect the way in which I have led this chapter. I wholeheartedly believe that the systemic racism that African Americans face needs to be eradicated.”

Per the account’s Instagram biography, Strip Your Letters Mizzou “aims to provide information and discussion on how to keep PHA and IFC accountable at the University of Missouri.” The account has also commented on issues such as homophobia and ableism that have pervaded Greek life at MU.

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