Zeta Beta Tau raises money for Children's Miracle Network

The fraternity hopes to raise $1,000 in donations.
Members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity toss around a giant balloon ball while encouraging students to sign the ball for charity Monday at Speakers Circle. Sponsors will give Children's Miracle Network 50 cents for each signature written on the ball.

At the close of Greek Week 2010, the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity is beginning its philanthropy week, "Get on the Ball," and said it's hoping to gain attention as a smaller fraternity on campus.

Zeta Beta Tau is raising money for Children's Miracle Network, a philanthropy that works alongside the national chapter of Zeta Beta Tau to raise money and awareness for children's hospitals and health.

Treasurer Jim Pidcoe said other fraternities and sororities on campus work with Children's Miracle Network, but Zeta Beta Tau's philanthropy week is more individual.

"Get on the Ball" raises money for Children's Miracle Network by gaining signatures on a six-foot ball for 50 cents per signature. Zeta Beta Tau said they are also accepting monetary donations outside of the signatures, and all money will be collected in Speakers Circle this week.

"We are going to be out here all week, and we are hoping to get 2,000 signatures, which is the equivalent of $1,000," freshman Andy Scheffel said. "So far, we have been successful and have actually raised about $50 just in loose change donations which people have been dropping in a bucket as they walk through Speakers Circle."

Zeta Beta Tau member Lane Dunne said being a smaller fraternity doesn't detract from having a successful philanthropy week.

"I know we aren't the biggest fraternity on campus, and there are other schools in the country where Zeta Beta Tau is a larger fraternity, but I still think we can make an impact," Dunne said. "It's cool to be out there on campus screaming to get attention for our philanthropy, having a lot of fun for a good cause."

Zeta Beta Tau members said they are hoping to expand the efforts of their philanthropy work by pairing with Phi Mu sorority in the future. Phi Mu has worked for Children's Miracle Network in their philanthropy efforts.

Pidcoe said that eventually they hope to do more than donate money to their philanthropy.

"Our ultimate goal is to create a dual effort with Phi Mu to raise money for Children's Miracle Network and over the next few years raise $10,000 to sponsor a room for children," Pidcoe said. "Sponsoring a room through the Children's Miracle Network means there will be a room with books, toys and other things where children can be safe and healthy. It's a big goal but I am optimistic that we can do it."

Pidcoe said participating in philanthropy weeks and doing service for the community brings a better image to Greek Life on campus.

"A lot of people outside of Greek Life look at fraternities and think we're just about partying, but that is hardly true for our fraternity," Pidcoe said. "I think the more time we spend out here doing great things for the community will help people realize that being in a fraternity is more a sign of someone's devotion to service, not to partying."

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