Epoch Escapes brings gaming to life for CoMo thrill-seekers

This shop entertains players through a series of brain-teasers and mysteries.

Nothing says team bonding like solving a crime or stopping a virus from decimating humanity.

Epoch Escapes plans to open its doors to Columbia on Friday. This real-life escape gaming center will feature three different themed scenarios, allowing players to find hidden treasure, solve crimes or stop a deadly virus from wiping out humanity.

Co-owners Cassie and Ryan Wiemholt decided to open Epoch Escapes after hearing positive reviews about similar gaming experiences and trying one out for themselves.

“We have always had a passion of starting our own business, we just could never figure out what it was going to be,” Cassie says. “As soon as we experienced the game, we knew that we both loved games and this type of environment, so we thought that it would be perfect for the Columbia area.”

The overall goal behind Epoch Escapes is to create an entertaining and thrilling experience for participants. The Wiemholts’ focus is to create an environment that’s perfect for team building, meeting new people or just having fun with friends and trying something different.

The rooms fit anywhere from 2–10 people, and bookings can be set online. Rooms aren’t closed just for people who know each other, though. The Wiemholts agree that allowing parties to mix is great for development, team networking and meeting new people.

“Meet other people, or come with a group you already know,” Cassie says. “Find out how well you can communicate with one another and work together, and just have the time of your life.”

Although the Wiemholts’ full-time jobs mean minimal hours at the gaming center’s start, Epoch Escapes encourages other businesses to get in on the fun, too. As of now the center will be open on Thursday and Friday evenings as well as all day Saturday and Sunday, but will accommodate the schedules of businesses for private events.

Epoch Escapes will open at 2529 Bernadette Drive (by the mall). Each game is $25 per person and gives teams 60 minutes to escape.

Edited by Katie Rosso | krosso@themaneater.com

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