MOVE finds out everything LouFest has to offer

LouFest has more to offer than just music.

That’s a wrap! LouFest 2015 is over, and I think it is safe to say that it did not disappoint. The music was live and the weather was perfect. This year’s attendance reached an all-time high when 25,000 fans came out to LouFest on both days. What more could someone ask for?

Going into it, a lot of people had their opinions about the set list and did not think that it lived up to the expectations that Outkast and Arctic Monkeys created from last year, but it seems as if everyone left happily surprised.

It was held in Sept. 12 to 13 in St. Louis, at Forrest Park. The gates opened each day at 12 p.m., and the performances began at 1 p.m. There were 32 performances throughout the weekend with four stages total and two concerts every hour.

“It had the feeling as if you were somewhere in the middle of nowhere at an all weekend music festival, but you were actually in the middle of a huge city,” festivalgoer Kate Summer says.

Many well-known artists performed at the festival including The Avett Brothers, Hozier and Ludacris. Some up-and-coming bands made appearances too including MisterWives and Coin.

Hozier had a show-stopping performance Saturday night when he captivated the audience with his soulful tunes, and Ludacris blew everyone out of the water when he performed some of his hits like “Get Back” and “Act a Fool.” On Sunday night, The Avett Brothers ended the festival with a set list that was just about an hour and a half.

Music is obviously a huge part of the festival, but there is so much more to LouFest than what meets the ear. There were vendors of all sorts, activities for kids and even a beer garden.

“I believe it’s a festival that anyone can enjoy, young and old,” Summer says.

Some of the food vendors included Dewey’s Pizza, Strange Donuts, Kaldi’s Coffee and more. Many people waited in line for up to an hour to snag one of their signature items.

Besides food vendors, there were also clothing, jewelry and art vendors that caught the attention of people attending the festival. Living Collective was one of them.

Living Collective is a brand new company that made their first trip to LouFest this year. They sell clothes, purses and other accessories.

“It’s a bunch of different vendors that we curate,” founder Katy Noonan says. “We basically go through wholesale to have a special selection.”

The unique items didn’t go unnoticed; many people were crowded around Living Collective’s booth checking out everything there was to offer.

The crowd was respectful, the weather was impeccable, the music was excellent, and there were plenty of things to do when you weren’t rocking out to one of the performances happening on stage. LouFest 2015 was two days too short, but there’s always next year.

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