Candy crushin’: May Contain Nuts

Fear not, candy lovers: May Contain Nuts is here to help you with your sweet tooth.
Candies of various kind are lined up in the May Contain Nuts storefront on April 15.

May Contain Nuts, Columbia’s English-style candy shop, is bursting with candy both old-fashioned and modern, from wax bottles and candy cigarettes to chocolate-covered espresso beans and gummy worms.

Glass jars full of candy that you can buy in bulk surround the perimeter, and there are so many varieties that everyone, no matter the age, is sure to find something to suit their sweet tooth. The gummy Krabby Patties will take you back to your own childhood, while the candy cigarettes can take parents back to theirs.

“We wanted to pack the store as much as we can — it’s 100 percent candy,” media manager Cooper Price says. “Since we do live in a college town, it’s supposed to be kind of funny and lighthearted.”

May Contain Nuts is owned by Dave Robinson. The shop opened in December as another restaurant under the Tiger Hotel’s management. It sits right between the hotel and its partner cupcake shop, Velvet Cupcake Cafe.

“We always made the joke that I’m in charge of all things dessert at the hotel,” manager Kayla Glydewell says. “When the candy shop came in, I was excited about the new opportunity and challenge.”

At the front counter, you can drool over the truffles and fudge behind the glass, and even get to try a bit of each. There are over half a dozen flavors of fudge, and even more truffle flavors.

“I’m a huge fudge fan,” employee Callie Ryan says. “The java chip is my kryptonite.”

Rock candy and Sixlets in a rainbow of colors are also on the heavy, dark wood shelves behind the counter, adding to the shop’s charm. It’s small, but you could spend half an hour staring at one wall alone. Every inch of May Contain Nuts is fun and bright. Just try not to spend too much filling up a bag with candy.

“It’s a place everyone should check out,” Glydewell says.

May Contain Nuts is located at 23 S. Eighth St. and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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