The sugarcoated guide to Columbia’s sweet spots

Your go-to for candy, cupcakes and more.
Many flavors of candy canes lined up in The Candy Factory on April 15.

In downtown Columbia, everyone can find their own type of sweet treat.

Among the dozens of places to grab good food, there are several great sweet shops. Columbia’s downtown area needs variety to keep all the college students happy, and it has grown that variety.

From the classic Candy Factory, which opened in 1974, to the quirky May Contain Nuts, which opened in 2015, Columbia never disappoints candy cravers.

It’s easy to start a tradition with friends or family at one of these stores, whether that means 2 a.m. Insomnia cookies every finals week or browsing for a bag of May Contain Nuts’ candy with your best (and sweetest) friends.

Head downtown, and try one or all of these places. There’s never enough sugar.

May Contain Nuts is a small, quirky store packed with a lot of sugar. You can grab a bag and fill it with whatever candy you like, or you can try their fudge or truffles. Check it out here!

The Candy Factory is a Columbia classic with tons of variety. The store is huge on the inside, and carries much more than just delicious handmade chocolate and toffee treats. It’s a one-stop shop for gifts and treats. Check it out!

Insomnia Cookies is a staple in the sleepless college kid’s diet. They deliver their warm, gooey cookies until 3 a.m. and are located close to campus on Ninth Street. Check them out here!

Velvet Cupcake Cafe serves delicious cupcakes piled with frosting. They have six classic flavors that never change, and serve additional specialty flavors each week. Check out their cupcakes, or their food and coffee menu, here!

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