Experience True/False through the lens of a first-timer’s Snapchats

During my first time attending True/False Film Fest, I imitated the documentary journalists and recorded everything.

Going into True/False Film Fest for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Now that it’s over, I’ve completely fallen in love with it, and I already can’t wait for next year. As my Snapchat story got longer and longer, I realized it was a perfect overview of my first time at True/False. So, here it is: what it’s like to experience True/False for the first time through my Snapchats.

I picked up the media passes for Regina and me on Friday afternoon. It was the beginning of it all!

Photos by Katherine White

Dinner at Ingredient. SO good. (I made a pact with myself to eat downtown as much as possible.)

In addition to the free music, there was a free hot chocolate bar!

We finally found our way to the box office, which sold passes and merch. I loved the cute artwork of downtown Columbia.

We eventually got to the Q for The Globe, where we would see our first film, "The Music of Strangers." Q card selfies are a must.

Don't touch the art, Regina.

How did we spend the 45 minutes allotted to us by the Q? Ate at Hot Box, of course.

Time for my second day! I got up at 9 a.m. — unspeakable for a Saturday — to see "The Fear of 13." We Q'd up outside The Blue Note.

It was a little hot.

After "The Fear of 13," we went to the newly-opened West Main Pizza2 for lunch.

We were first in line in the Q for "Release Me, Let Me Go."

We were pretty tired, but determined to see "Tickled." A Starbucks caffeine boost was in order.

Like I said: Q card selfies are a must.

The end of True/False for me! I had an amazing time, saw some great films and am now determined to go to many more events and showings at next year's festival.

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