Switch up your MizzouRec routine with TigerX classes

There are endless ways to get your grind on, whether you’re searching for zen or a high-intensity pump session.

Cringing at the thought of lifting weights or spending an hour on a treadmill is totally normal. Luckily, going to the Student Recreation Complex doesn’t have to be a drag, thanks to TigerX classes.

Though not included in the built-in Recreation Activity & Facility Fee that funds the overall MizzouRec, the TigerX package can be purchased every semester for $53, or $9 per class. You can purchase the package or a single class pass inside zouLIFE on the lower level of MizzouRec.

TigerX classes are offered throughout the day, seven days a week. Most are 50 minutes long, and each is far different from the next. Sign up for classes beforehand to reserve a spot using either the MizzouRec App or MizzouRec’s website. To ease your way into workout classes, or if you’re searching for new ways to bring on the sweat, try these especially unique — and somehow, fun — classes.


This class would be perfect for a new TigerX member. Swerving through sexy hip gyrations to the pulse of Latin rhythms might make you feel goofy at first, but after a few minutes, you’ll be gettin’ down to the beat and ripping through calories while you’re at it.

Soreness: 4/10, Sweat: 7/10, Fun: 10/10

Ballet Bootcamp

Don’t immediately be turned off by the word “ballet” if you don’t know a plié from a sauté. This class incorporates the grace of ballet, which ensures perfect form and posture, with painstaking repetitions to give one of the deepest muscle burns TigerX has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned ballerina or just a compulsive dabber, this dance class will have you feeling the burn throughout class and even the next day.

Soreness: 8/10, Sweat: 3/10, Fun: 7/10

Stress Reduction Yoga

Saturday mornings at Stress Reduction Yoga are the only hangover helper comparable to McDonald’s breakfast. Sinking into a deep child’s pose while soft music lulls you into a trance of relaxation may seem like a boring waste of time, but you’ll leave the class refreshed physically and mentally. Destressing is worth spending 50 minutes at the gym.

Soreness: 3/10, Sweat: 1/10, Fun: 8/10

Abs & Arms Xpress and Abs & Glutes Xpress

The best things about these two classes are definitely not the workouts themselves. Class stays fast-paced and challenging throughout, and that’s not exactly my type of fun. However, each of these classes are only 30 minutes long and offered pretty late, either 8 or 8:30 p.m. depending on the day, so there’s time for dinner and digestion beforehand.

Soreness: 8/10, Sweat: 8/10, Fun: 6/10

Tiger Tease

Exercise is a great way to get frustrations out about school or work. This class, however, let’s you get your sexual frustrations out as well. Body roll and booty pop into fitness at this sultry-style, routine-based dance class. Bring your friends along for a unique type of bonding. Nothing brings people together like twerking to sexy hits like Beyoncé’s “Partition” or Rihanna’s “S&M.”

Soreness: 3/10, Sweat: 6/10, Fun: 9/10


Yikes. This is both the hardest and most rewarding TigerX class. Drill exhausting moves until you think the targeted body part will give out, then switch to a different area. Then repeat, repeat and repeat some more. INSANITY is relentless and tiring. The upside? You’ll probably be hungry enough after for a second dinner, and Emporium is a short walk away for that peppered turkey BLT you crave. Extra chipotle mayo, please.

Soreness: 10/10, Sweat: 10/10, Fun: 7/10

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