Ten things we’ll all be doing during Adele’s Valentine’s Day special

“Adele: Live In London” will be the hands-down best way to spend Feb. 14.
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Singles of the world, rejoice. For once, it seems almost clear that we will have the better end of the deal than the fancy-date-bound folk this Valentine’s Day. OK, so maybe not everyone would agree with that, but I’d prefer an Adele performance to an over-sized teddy bear any day of the year.

The “Adele: Live in London” special, hosted by Graham Norton, airs 9 p.m. CST Valentine’s Day on BBC America. MOVE gets it, so here’s our V-Day gift to you. Presenting: 10 things we’ll all be doing while watching Adele’s special alone on Valentine’s Day.

1. Going straight for the Haagen-Dazs.

Of course you’re going to be eating chocolate ice cream; that’s a given. However, the choice of specific flavor and brand is an important one to consider. Haagen-Dazs is the clear winner for three reasons: one, the chocolate peanut butter flavor is the elixir of the gods; two, the smaller-sized containers can definitely be consumed in one sitting; three, it’s Valentine’s Day. Treat. Yo. Self.

2. Shamefully redownloading Tinder/rereading texts from your ex.

Resist the urge to sassily send “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” lyrics to your ex. Briefly consider cheekily sending “Crazy For You” lyrics to your Tinder match.

3. (Loudly) singing along even though Adele’s Grammy-winning voice is light years ahead of any other human’s.

We’ve all had that moment: You’re driving late at night, “All I Ask” is playing on your car radio, and you decide to belt along. Approximately around the second time through the chorus you’re realizing that Adele is super-human and you’re losing your voice.

4. Trying to give yourself Adele’s flawless eyeliner.

Adele’s winged eyeliner is the most flawless work of art since Vincent van Gogh’s “Still Life: Vase with Pink Roses.” There’s no way we’re getting through this special without trying at least once to pull off that perfect wing.

5. Attempting to figure out which Adele song is your No. 1 favorite.

Fun fact: This is actually impossible.

6. Getting nostalgic about your nonexistent hurtful-yet-passionate lover from your early years.

Something about “When We Were Young” makes you feel incredibly sentimental about your questionable but handsome significant other from years past — even though you’re technically still young and this person didn’t exist in real life.

7. Wishing you were Adele’s best friend.

From that one time Adele impersonated an Adele impersonator to surprise other Adele impersonators (say that five times fast) to her adorable Carpool Karaoke session, Adele comes off as not only just a great vocalist, but also as a great person as well.

8. Holding your own hand because someone has to do it.

Be strong. You might feel alone, but know in your heart that millions of other viewers are crying to “Love in the Dark” at the exact same time you are.

9. Shedding a single tear.

Actually, there will probably be several tears shed. Remember to stock up on Kleenex.

10. Having the perfect end to Valentine’s Day.

Whether you spent the day with a significant other or your best friends, tuning into a live Adele concert is a wonderful way to end the day.

See you on Valentine’s Day, and make sure to follow @MOVEManeater on Twitter so you don’t miss any of our live tweets during the event.

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