Nerd Report: Three superheroes who deserve an R-rating

Let’s not leave it at “Deadpool”! Columnist Gabriela Velasquez suggests three more R-rated superhero flicks!
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With the smashing success of “Deadpool,” Marvel and DC Comics bigwigs are now starting to seriously consider catering their films to a more . . . mature audience. Rumor has it that Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine might be rated R. Netflix is home to darker, more mature series such as “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil,” both of which experienced substantial success, so this comes as no surprise.

Basically, executives are finally letting directors and writers take off their kiddie-gloves and get down and dirty. And it’s been a long time coming; for years, adults have been dying for a superhero film unhindered by the idea of children in audiences, something brutal and fun catered to them.

So, Disney and Sony and all of you entertainment companies, I’m officially pitching you these three heroes who are perfect for your new formula. The ball’s in your court now!


Thank you, Daredevil, for giving us Echo. Echo first appeared in “Daredevil Vol. 2 #9” in 1999, and remains one of Marvel’s most unique characters. Despite playing a supporting role in the Marvel Universe, given an R-rating and movie of her own, she could become a cult classic instantly.

Like her name suggests, Echo (whose real name is Maya Lopez) can pick up the abilities of anyone she watches. Because of this, she is a gifted athlete and musician. Echo also has the unique distinction of being Marvel’s first deaf superhero, as well as one of the few Native American characters to appear in the comics. Initially at odds with Matt Murdock, she eventually teams up and falls in love with him, ultimately teaming with the Avengers. Echo’s unique look, inner darkness and versatile abilities make her the perfect candidate for a movie with no holds barred. Just imagine the amazing fight scenes she could give us. Yeah, it’s great.

Moon Knight

Often regarded as Marvel’s Batman, Moon Knight “gains enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes at night, reaching his pinnacle during a full moon, and sometimes has prophetic visions,” according to his profile.

“[He] beats up whoever has it coming because he believes he is the avatar of the Egyptian god of vengeance and it helps him to feel better about all the people he killed when he was a mercenary,” writer Charlie Huston says.

The son of a rabbi who fled Europe to escape the Holocaust in the 1930s, Moon Knight is regarded as one of Marvel’s most mysterious and compelling characters who is not afraid to get grisly and violent to achieve his goals. In a recent conflict against the Bushman, he carved off the man’s face. His face.

You can’t properly communicate that with a PG-13 rating.

A Moon Knight movie would satisfy the lust for blood action moviegoers have while also supporting it with a meaningful backstory and dark aesthetic that makes it more than easy to market.


Probably the most well-known hero (anti-hero? villain?) on this list, Catwoman has really never been given a proper film in recent memory. Despite awesome portrayals by the likes of Eartha Kitt and Michelle Pfeiffer in the past, and a captivating turn by Anne Hathaway in “The Dark Knight Rises,” the reclusive thief has yet to strike box office gold.

Remember the Halle Berry movie? How can a movie with Halle Berry be so . . . awful? From the horrendous special effects to the awkward montages of cats, the movie was an absolute disservice to Catwoman. Life just isn’t fair.

Catwoman is alluring, sexy and above all, dangerous. She alludes understanding and is always one step ahead of Batman. Her cold demeanor coupled with a fiery passion we only see every so often is perfect for a movie unhindered by PG-13 stipulations. The constraints of PG-13 water down what makes her so edgy and, well, cool. If not overly sexualized, her physical fighting style and no-nonsense wit can be catapulted to the stratosphere by an R-rated film.

DC seems to be going down a darker route than Marvel with their film franchise. R-rated flicks full of street fights, crime and mystery could be exactly the thing that will start a new renaissance of superhero films.

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