The Ultimate List of Autumn Movies to put you in the Spooky Spirit

With fall right around the corner, here are a few spooky films to fill up your unexpectedly free schedule.

September is finally here and you know what that means: fall is right around the corner. Even though Columbia is still very sunny and humid, that is not going to stop me from completely indulging myself in autumn and spooky season. What better way to wait for the Columbia weather to catch up with me than spend all of my newly-found free time watching films that are the ultimate definition of fall and spooky season. Here are a couple of spooky movies to watch on your not-so-dark-and-stormy nights on campus.

  1. “Scream” is the ultimate classic when it comes to scary movies. It is a beautifully filmed parody honoring the horror movies that came before it. The protagonist, Sidney Prescott juggles avoiding being murdered by a psychopathic serial killer and being pressured by her boyfriend. This slasher film does an amazing job of mixing horror and humor. It will keep you on your toes until the very end. You can find it on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

  2. If you are not a big fan of horror films but still want to get into the fall mindset, “Halloweentown” is the movie for you. This Disney Channel Original Movie will give you intense nostalgia if you were a big Disney fan as a kid. It depicts the story of Marnie Piper discovering that she comes from a family of witches. Against her mother’s wishes, she follows her grandmother to the hidden village of Halloweentown which is home to a variety of supernatural creatures. Marnie, while finding out what her true destiny is, takes on the challenge of saving the town from its corrupt leadership. “Halloweentown” is the perfect feel-good movie that will fulfill your craving for autumn vibes.

You can find it on Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

  1. “Beetlejuice” is another classic to start off the spooky season right. Happily married couple Adam and Barbara Maitland die in a car accident and discover that their house was sold to a new family soon after their death. In order to get their house back, they get the help of Betelgeuse to haunt the family since they lack the skill of scariness. If you are looking for something different and unfamiliar in the world of scary movies, this is the film for you.

You can find it on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

  1. For a deeper and more intense horror film, try watching “1922”. Based on Stephen King’s novella, “1922” depicts the story of Wilfred James, a farmer who is very attached to his land. When James’s wife suggests they sell the farm and move into the city, he comes up with a plan to murder her. This film mixes drama and horror perfectly to portray its highly disturbing plotline. It will definitely make your skin crawl. You can find it on Netflix.

Since this semester has unexpectedly opened up a lot of free time, I hope these movies will help give you a sense of normalcy and prepare you for a very spooky autumn here at MU.

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