Things I learned while watching ‘Cheer’ on Netflix

Netflix released a new documentary series about a junior college cheer team in Navarro County, Texas.
“Cheer” debuted as a Netflix exclusive on January 8, 2020. | Courtesy of IMDb.

Thousands and thousands of people around the world are flipping head-over-heels for the newest documentary series on Netflix this year: “Cheer.” The series follows head coach Monica Aldama and the Navarro College cheerleading team on their road to Daytona Beach, Florida. It featured the stories of multiple cheerleaders and really, really made the entire country Navarro Cheer fans. While some of the audience were experienced cheerleaders, a lot of us were learning new things the entire time. So, here are 16 things I learned while watching “Cheer” on Netflix:

Concussions happen in threes.

There’s something just as addicting about doing the sport as watching the series. Why else would they do it for so long?

I will never be able to do a “Layout-to-Full-Full.”

Don’t ever piss off Monica Aldama.

Jerry Harris is literally the best person on Earth.

Nothing I accomplish in my career will ever amount to the feeling of making mat.

The Cheerios in “Glee” are NOT realistic at all.

A documentary called “Cheer” can be super un-cheerful.

Corsicana, Texas is the fruitcake capital of the world.

“Girls, work on your abs,” was probably the easiest instruction they got all season long.

I might start randomly doing 50 push-ups if I ever see a girl slip and hit the ground.

The cliché is far from true: you’ll find the cheerleaders with unbrushed bed-heads more often than proper high ponytails.

People get injured a lot more than I thought they did. Like, a LOT more.

They don’t sleep. I mean that’s the only possible explanation for how they could get top grades after cheering the entire day.

When things get rough in the process, it should only push you to work harder.

And lastly … I need to start watching “Bad Girls Club.”

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