Five-song playlst: L-O, L-O-V-E

(Even if you don’t have a date this year).

Whether you’re going on a romantic date with your darling or chilling with your besties for a night of Nutella hot chocolate and Netflix, MOVE has five songs to fall in love with before Valentine’s Day.

“Real and True” –– Future ft. Miley Cyrus and Mr Hudson (2013) It’s hard not to fall in love with this mellow yet deep hip-hop track. A song about love that can withstand the test of time, Future will truly win you over with wise lyrics like “give it time/time reveals.”

“Night Changes” –– One Direction (2014) The boys are back! This song from 1D’s new album FOUR will put anyone nervous for going on a date (or the season finale of their current Netflix addiction) at ease by reminding them, “There’s nothing to be afraid of/Even when the night changes.” The music video is pretty funny and perfect for the fangirl (or boy) who wishes they could be going on a date with a member of One Direction on Valentine’s Day.

“Gypsy” –– Lady Gaga (2013) Who doesn’t fantasize about falling in love with a charming stranger at a rustic Italian café or on a lush Australian beach? Mother Monster’s catchy and wanderlust-evoking tune will have you dreaming of an “Around the World in 80 Days”-esque romantic escapade well past Valentine’s Day.

“Fly Me to the Moon” –– Frank Sinatra (1964) No love song playlist could be complete without a Frank Sinatra song. The classic, old-school Las Vegas jazz sound transports the listener back to the scandalous and glamorous time of the Golden Age of Hollywood. The song’s upbeat positivity in both its lyrics and melody could make anyone smile, particularly on Valentine’s Day.

“The End of All Things” –– Panic at the Disco (2013) What better way to round out the night than by listening to Panic (!) lead singer Brendon Urie’s romantic ode to his wife. The elegantly dreamy piano throughout is relaxing and beautiful, and will have anyone falling in love with its simple, haunting feel.

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