Listen to This: 20 of the best ‘Homestuck’ songs in honor of its ending

Take a look back at the best tracks from the webcomic that’s finally finished.

It was a blast from the past (well, 2013) for me and other internet-dwelling nerds when the long-running webcomic “Homestuck” finally ended on April 13 of this year. The comic, which started in 2009 and finished at 817,612 words long, became an internet phenomenon during 2013 and 2014, for better or worse. What began as a parody of text-based role-playing adventure games became a sprawling, lengthy story with time travel, parallel universes, aliens and references to internet culture.

But there’s more to the comic than just its story; as any fan will tell you, one of the best parts of “Homestuck” is its music. In tribute to the comic finally coming to an end, here are 20 of the best “Homestuck” songs out of the 503 total tracks that fans of the comic and fans of music alike can enjoy.

Disclaimer: If I were to list all the “Homestuck” songs I consider the best, it would be about 70 tracks long. So, please do not cry if you don’t see your favorite on here — it was a difficult process of elimination!

“Symphony Impossible to Play”

“Symphony Impossible to Play” is split into four movements, but I’ve combined them into one entry because they all make the cut. The collection spans some of the best motifs in the “Homestuck” discography and is immensely beautiful all around.

“[S] Collide”

Another four-track piece, “[S] Collide” features re-workings of other great songs — especially “Eternity Served Cold” — as well as new material to make the soundtrack for part of the webcomic’s big finale.

“Arisen Anew”

This electro-swing track combines elements of video game chiptune music, jazz and samples from “Doctor Who” and Vocaloid Megurine Luka to create a 100 percent funky jam.


One of the most beautiful and recognizable “Homestuck” pieces, “Flare” features simply piano and a drumbeat. But what really makes this song stick out is that it sounds almost the same when reversed, an effect used to mirror the use of time travel in the comic’s storyline.

“I’m a Member of the Midnight Crew (Acapella)”

This cover of the 1909 Eddie Morton song is cute and instantly recognizable to any fan of the comic, making it a must for any “Homestuck” essentials playlist.


Dubstep enters the ring of genres found in the discography with this dance-worthy piece.


Possibly my favorite on this list, “Moonsetter” is a top contender for cutest instrumental song ever written. The simple, happy melody is all piano and strings.

“Apocryphal Antithesis”

The entire “The Felt” album could find a spot on this list for similar reasons as “Flare”: most of its songs are beautiful pieces that make use of reversed melodies. “Apocryphal Antithesis” is a great poster boy for the album, especially with its haunting strings.

“Olive Rogue”

Back in total jam territory, “Olive Rogue” puts a smile on your face with a funky bass line and an uplifting video game-style melody.


“Doctor” is an iconic piece in the discography that inspired many reworks, but the original is always the best. Electronic instruments and mallet percussion make up this cute track.

“Under the Hat”

“Under the Hat” is a piano cover of another great “Homestuck” song, “Trollcops.” It’s jazzy, fun and definitely worth a listen.


One of the most iconic songs from the comic, “Black” is electronic, jazzy and fast-paced.

“Homestuck Anthem”

This slower piece features one of the main motifs of the comic on beautiful piano.

“Warhammer of Zillyhoo”

What is a “Homestuck” playlist without “Warhammer of Zillyhoo”? This 50-second Gregorian chant song is truly a gem.

“Teal Seer”

“Teal Seer” is a symphonic piece featuring drums and strings that sounds like it could find itself in a movie score as much as in the soundtrack for a webcomic.

“Three In The Morning”

The only piano song that could tie with “Flare” for recognizability is “Three In The Morning,” a haunting smooth jazz track.

“Blue Atom”

Staying in the realm of jazz, “Blue Atom” is one of the most fun and upbeat songs in the discography.

“Umbral Ultimatum”

Another very recognizable song, “Umbral Ultimatum” is everything from chiptune to tribal drumbeats.


“Cherubim” is another great album, and besides the previously mentioned “Eternity Served Cold”, “Reverie” is my favorite track, a symphonic piece with whimsical strings.

“Ruins (With Strings)”

This song embodies the haunting aspect of the comic, using piano and strings to create an eerie yet calm atmosphere.

You can listen to all 503 songs in the “Homestuck” discography on its bandcamp here.

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