Listen to This: Make your friends green with envy with this St. Paddy’s Day playlist

I-rish I had this playlist last year.

St. Paddy’s Day is this Thursday, and in honor of my many Irish ancestors, the least I can do is make sure that my fellow peers celebrate the holiday of wearing green, eating Irish food and going crazy at a party or pub along with the right soundtrack. Sure, any other weekend you can crank dance pop or electronica at your party. But for Saint Patrick, anything less than celtic punk is a crime.

In case you didn’t know, bagpipes and electric guitars go together really well. Thanks to the celtic punk groups of the world, Irish folk songs and drinking songs are now party-ready for you — it’s hard rock for bagpipe lovers. Not only do they do head-banging covers of traditional folk and drinking tunes, but these bands also play original music with the same feel. And for those of you who already love “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,” there’s many more artists than just Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly!

For just over an hour of celtic punk tunes to blast at your St. Paddy’s celebration, check out the playlist below:

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