Listen to This: Six new songs you should check out this week

Summer means it’s time to update your darty playlist with new tunes.

1) Glass Animals — “Life Itself”

Glass Animals made my day when the band returned with its good ol’ exotic flair with “Life Itself.” This song is the first single for Glass Animals’ upcoming album, “How To Be A Human Being,” a manual I’ve been looking for for a while now. It’s an interesting mix of alternative, R&B, electronica and trip-hop, and it’s guaranteed to make you dance.

2) The Strokes — “Drag Queen”

Alternative fans everywhere, rejoice! The Strokes haven’t released anything since 2013, but now the band is back. The Strokes’ new single has great album art and a fun new feel, but it still sounds like The Strokes, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. The new EP “Future Present Past” will be released June 3, and “Drag Queen” is a great track to keep on repeat until its release, with its familiar combination of fun electric guitar, heavy bass and somewhat-inaudible vocals.

3) Fifth Harmony — “All In My Head (Flex) (feat. Fetty Wap)”

Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)” has been on pop radio airwaves since February, but it’s not the only song to look out for on the pop girl group’s sophomore album. “7/27” came out May 20, and while it has big shoes to fill after “Reflection,” any fan of girl groups will be happy to see the band is back. “All In My Head (Flex) (feat. Fetty Wap)” is the fun kind of R&B pop that’s great for a summer darty.

4) Catfish and the Bottlemen — “Soundcheck”

Catfish and the Bottlemen’s “Soundcheck” dropped in March, but as of May 27 their full sophomore album “The Ride” is out. The Wales-based alternative rock band infuses elements of punk, rock and modern alternative in its music, making the perfect combination for headbanging and angst (or for anyone who just loves some good punk vibes). If you’re looking for a rocking summer night soundtrack, Catfish and the Bottlemen should be on your playlist for sure.

5) Leslie Odom Jr. — “Autumn Leaves”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Broadway sensation “Hamilton: An American Musical,” and if you’re a music nerd like me, you’ve probably had every word of it memorized since September. Whether or not you’re “Hamilton trash,” if you love good music you should pay attention to cast member Leslie Odom Jr.’s upcoming album. Odom Jr. plays the Tony-nominated role of Aaron Burr in the musical, and his lovely vocals are great not just for roasting Alexander Hamilton, but also for singing jazz standards. The self-titled album is a rework of one of his earlier musical endeavors. It will be released on June 10, but for now you can listen to “Autumn Leaves.”

6) Justin Timberlake — “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!”

This single has been out since early May, but if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should definitely make it a priority. JT dropped one of my favorite albums in 2013 and then disappeared to the dismay of myself and, presumably, other pop lovers. This song is a great return from the void as it’s exactly the fun pop song you want to listen to during summer. If you can ignore the fact that this song is for DreamWorks’ “Trolls” movie, starring possibly the most bothersome animated characters since Minions and Smurfs, you’ll be dancing all night.

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