The Vine Brothers to perform at The Bridge

Folk rockers The Vine Brothers stop by CoMo Wednesday to play tunes from their new album.

How many bands that you know have created a Star Wars folk medley and posted it to their band’s website?

“I’m a big nerd myself,” says Garrett Jones, bassist for The Vine Brothers, who will perform at The Bridge on Wednesday. “Joe (Credit III, mandolinist and vocalist) has been doing the Darth Vader and the cantina scene for a long time and we decided to piece them together and arrange it. We like to play songs that people don’t expect. Whatever we can get through on our three instruments and Star Wars works great ‘cause everybody knows that.”

The Vine Brothers are a soulful acoustic trio traveling across the U.S. this summer to perform their new album "The Devil and the Deep Black Sky" for the masses.

“We(recorded) it last spring in a house in Fayetteville,” says guitarist and vocalist Greg Bucking. “We had our friend, Miles Austin, work the board and we banged it out in a week or two.”

When asked about how this compares to their previous release, "Low Rent," Bucking says that fans should expect it to feel “moodier.”

"This album definitely has a darker turn," he says. "The technical stuff was a little better than on the first one. A lot of this album is darker."

“Before we record, we played these songs live for a year,” says Jones. “The audience has been going nuts over them.”

If you have the night off and a few dollars to spare, check out The Vine Brothers. There is no better way to kick off your summer than to head on downtown and listen to their infectious, soulful tunes.

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