Mizzou College Republicans work to support President Trump in 2020 election

Although the Mizzou College Republicans don’t officially endorse candidates, chapter president Anthony Garcia said the consensus among members is to support Trump.

While the Mizzou College Republicans traditionally haven’t endorsed candidates, chapter president Anthony Garcia said the general consensus from members who consistently attend meetings is to support President Donald Trump.

Trump currently has about a 43.9% approval rating according to FiveThirtyEight as of February 18. His only party opposition is Bill Weld, the former governor of Massachusetts. Trump’s signature campaign issues include restricting immigration and renegotiating international trade deals.

Although media attention has largely focused on the Democratic primary, the Grand Old Party is also holding primaries to solidify Trump’s reelection. Trump has won every Republican primary held so far and is polling with a vast majority over Weld.

Personally, Garcia said he supports Trump for re-election because Trump is a man of his word, someone who has delivered on his promises.

“I would say there’s kind of always been the status quo of politicians not keeping their promises, and that’s why I originally supported him,” Garcia said.

At the time of this writing, Garcia said the Mizzou College Republicans have no direct ties with the Trump campaign. He said once campaigning picks up in the summer he will expect to be contacted by the Missouri Federation of College Republicans. The GOP typically reaches out to the Missouri GOP, who then contacts the various chapters of the College Republicans in the state.

Although a Students for Trump exists at the national level, there is not currently a chapter at MU. Garcia added that many members of the Mizzou College Republicans work on campaigns or for elected officials within the Republican Party.

“As far as local campaigns go, we pretty much support anyone we think can win,” Garcia said.

Should Trump be re-elected, Garcia would like to see him focus on keeping the economy and military strong as well as continuing to put America first in international trade deals. He would also like Trump to work on improving the prison system in the U.S., which is something Garcia feels Trump hasn’t done enough work on so far.

“I feel like he’s not a person who genuinely flip-flops often,” Garcia said. “I think he’s a man of his word. I also think he’s willing to do what’s necessary to put America first.”

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