MUPD sends email warning students of subzero temperatures, provides tips for avoiding hypothermia and frostbite

Students weigh the pros and cons of attending classes in the winter conditions.

The MU Police Department sent out an email to all students instructing them to prepare for high winds and subzero temperatures from Jan. 29 to Jan 30.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a wind chill warning starting Jan. 29, from 6 p.m. into Thursday, Jan. 30 until 2 p.m., as of 5 p.m. today.

The email stated there are no plans to close campus, delay the start of the day or cancel classes.

“If a decision is made to close campus, delay opening or cancel classes, we will send an MU Alert to faculty, staff and students,” Gary Ward, vice chancellor for operations, stated in the email. “If you anticipate missing class or work because of the cold weather, contact your instructor or supervisor and inquire how you can make up any missed work.”

Ward encouraged students to dress warmly and to stay dry while traveling to class. The email also included a link that provided students with tips to avoid frostbite and hypothermia, including wearing multiple layers of clothing, wearing water-resistant coats and boots and covering the face and mouth while outside.

Sophomore Lindsi Wilfing lives on campus and walks to her classes every day. She said she is going to avoid going to classes that she does not have to attend.

“I kind of wish they had canceled classes,” Wilfing said. “But since we just got back, I can understand why they might not cancel classes. I will not be going to my 9 a.m. class because it has a [recorded lecture], but I might go to my 10 a.m. because it does not.”

However, senior Jennifer Levin drives to campus and plans to attend all her classes.

“I would try to park as close to my classroom,” Levin said. “If I lived on campus and had to walk to all my classes, I would skip them. With the advantage I have, I probably won’t.”

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