Students find ways to be present on campus with Involvement Week’s events

Involvement Week featured over 20 events, including the Get Involved Fair, Step Forward Day and an International Welcome Party.
Students learn about the various study abroad programs and organizations at the Study Abroad Fair on September 6, 2019. The Study Abroad Fair was one of many events hosted during Involvement Week. Photo by Senior Photographer Becca Newton

In a big school, finding a place to fit in can sometimes be daunting, which is why MU suggests getting involved with at least one organization as freshmen and transfer students. Last week at MU, Involvement Ambassadors held Involvement Week. The week consisted of events that provided many opportunities for new students to find things to join within the broader university community.

There were many events held throughout the week, including an involvement fair, a volunteer fair, a club sports fair, a farmer’s market, concert and day of community service. The week gave students the opportunity to meet new people and join clubs where they could pursue more of their individual interests.

On Sept. 6 at the Get Involved Fair, organizations on campus set up various tables around the MU Student Center to get the word out about their activities, as students browsed potential new signups. The fair also served as a way for students to get credit for the second half of their citizenship training by going to at least six tables and hearing about each club.

“I signed up for STRIPES and Planned Parenthood [Advocates at Mizzou] as well,” sophomore Sydney Young said.

Another event that opened up opportunities for students to get active at MU was the Club Sports Fair on Thursday, Sept. 5. Students had over 40 club sports ranging from bowling to synchronized ice skating to choose from to decide what they wanted to participate in for the academic year.

“It’s a good way to get our name out there as a club,” senior Aldo Tuccillo from Mizzou Swing Society said. “Lots of [organizations] struggle with getting themselves out there and known on campus unless you’re a large sorority or fraternity or something of that nature, so we really appreciate the opportunity that Mizzou offers us, we’re trying to use it as best we can.”

The week also provided many opportunities for students to take part in community service, starting with a Volunteer Fair on Tuesday and ending with an afternoon of service with the culminating annual Step Forward Day on Friday.

“We love getting students involved,” Rockie Alden from Room in the Inn, an overnight winter shelter in Columbia, said. “We’ve had a lot of students from Mizzou over the years and we’re excited that they have this volunteer fair today so that we can gain even more notoriety among the students.”

One of the last events was the International Welcome Party, which enabled MU students to experience foods and other cultures from around the world. There was music, games and free food that ensured that all students could enjoy the end of Involvement Week with experiencing things from around the world.

Step Forward Day concluded Involvement Week with a day of service where students could register either as a team or individuals and serve different organizations throughout the Columbia area for the afternoon. One group went to The Salvation Army with the Chancellor's Leadership Class and helped with store upkeep by folding sheets and dusting shelves.

“Sometimes people are living paycheck to paycheck and rely on programs such as The Salvation Army to get their clothes,” sophomore Payton Marlin said. “For instance, I saw a man walk by and take clothes from a dumpster outside. Seeing this, I know that me simply volunteering my time was worth it far more than a citizenship credit. Thank you, Step Forward Day for opening my eyes to this world, while giving me new friends as well who share my passion for volunteering.”

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