Unopposed candidates in Boone County take office

All of the candidates were Democrats and most were incumbents.

Although the presidential election turned into a drawn-out nail-biter, some races were over before they even started. Five Boone County candidates ran without challengers, which secured them an automatic win. All of the unopposed candidates were Democrats and most were incumbents. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Sonja Boone, Boone County Public Administrator Since 2017, Boone has held down the Public Administrator’s office. Her duties include carrying out plans passed down by the government and putting them into action with nonprofits and other organizations. Boone works to help those unable to handle their own affairs such as the mentally disabled, estates of the deceased and minors without guardians.

Tom Darrough, Boone County Treasurer Since 2015, Darrough has been responsible for managing Boone County’s investments, issuing bonds and safeguarding the city’s unclaimed property. The Conlukeli LLC manager took over the treasurer job from Nicole Galloway, who went on to become the state’s auditor and ran for governor in 2020.

Kenny Mohr, Boone County Assessor Mohr is the first new Boone County assessor Columbia has seen in 30 years. As county assessor, Mohr is responsible for accessing the value of properties in Boone County and tracking that information over time. This helps the county determine property taxes. For 30 years Mohr’s former boss, Tom Schauwecker, held the office of Boone County assessor.

“I’m excited and, being a long-time Boone Countian, I’m honored,” Mohr said in regards to serving his first term in office. “Tom’s been a great boss. He’s been a mentor, and I’m glad to have known and learned under him.”

State Representatives

Kip Kendrick, MO-45 (D) Kendrick won his senior year in the Missouri House of Representatives on election night. As a ranking minority member of the Budget Committee, he has pushed for Medicaid expansion and focused on funding for K-12 and higher education. For the next two years Kendrick will serve on the Budget Committee as well as various education and healthcare-focused committees.

Martha Stevens, MO-46 (D) Since midterms in 2016, Stevens has held a spot in the Missouri House of Representatives. In her past, Stevens worked with Planned Parenthood and has been a consistent advocate for women’s healthcare. For her next term, Stevens will continue to serve on committees such as the Health and Mental Health Policy Committee and the Special Committee to Improve the Care and Well-being of Young People.

Most candidates were not available for comment.

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