Letter to the Editor: Angry Underdogs

I want to comment on Andrew Mason's Nov. 14 Maneater article and the previous article written about Mike Morris. It was totally uncool of you to point out one incident in a football game and, more than that, one person losing the game. Yes, it was not smart of Mike to punch the guy, but did you not see that the Colorado player started the fight? The referee never saw the Colorado player, he only saw Mike Morris.

I have a question for you. Have you ever played college football? In your case, probably not. Then what gives you the right to tell somebody that they need to go back to the pee wee league? Come on, it is true that we are a struggling football team, but if there is one thing that I can say about this football team and that is we NEVER give up! If you want to start helping the football team then why don't you start being a fan and support the school that you attend? You act as if you are ashamed of your school! If that is the case, I suggest that you go elsewhere.

Furthermore, I want to know if you even watch the entire game! What was the score at halftime? Who would have ever believed that the score would have been 7-0? Give us credit for keeping the game close with a team like Colorado. We have made a great amount of improvement this year. Will you give us our due next year when we finally turn it around?

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