Editorial: College should refocus its concentration

In the United States, everyone has the opportunity to learn whatever massive amounts of information they desire. But, the College of Business and Public Administration is now limiting its students' opportunities.

By not allowing students to have multiple concentrations, the college is removing the students' opportunities to prove what they have learned. Even if the students take whatever classes they are interested in, a degree cannot back up their proficiency.

And students are unable to compete with their peers from other universities when they reach the job market.

A better solution is to raise requirements for entrance into the business college. By raising standards, the college would allow a selective group of students the opportunity to compete in a cutthroat market instead of holding back.

Although losing accreditation would be detrimental to the college, the main priority of any college must be its students. The college should do everything it can to maintain accreditation while also catering to its students' needs.

A proposal was once made to add a fee per business credit hour to alleviate any money crunch. However, an administrative scuffle tabled the legislation. The college needs to reconsider this proposal. If accepted, this proposal could eliminate the problems caused by both the possibility of losing accreditation and the recent solution of eliminating double concentrations.

These problems will not all be solved with a new building. Sacrificing the education of students is no solution.

A college education must make students marketable. More experience through cross-concentration classes will both help students and improve the university's reputation within American university standings.

The business college's administrators must work to once again allow double concentrations.

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