Letter to the Editor: Maneater wrongly fouled new arena proposal

We were disappointed by the Dec. 1 Maneater editorial. The proposal for a new basketball arena has nothing but positive implications for students. Miraculously, the new arena will be built without an increased student fee. Also, Athletic Director Mike Alden has guaranteed substantially better student seating than we currently have in the Hearnes Center.

The editorial, however, concedes these points. In fact, it outlines many of the positive impacts of a new arena: a new revenue source, a new practice space for athletic teams and a better ability to recruit top athletes. Your disapproval of the arena was based solely on what you consider to be inappropriate timing.

Do the research. The timing is now. We have an extraordinarily generous $25 million donation. MU can't ignore $25 million. State funding for the Life Sciences Center and University Health Care are allocated completely independently from the $35 million in bonds that MU will be requesting from the General Assembly. Chancellor Richard Wallace has been very public about stating that our priority is, and always has been, academic capital requests for life sciences and engineering renovations.

Basically, we have nothing to lose. The worse scenario is that the state does not approve the bonds and the project doesn't happen. At best, MU gets a new basketball arena and all the benefits associated with a new athletic venue. If "the curators hold off a few years," we could lose the $25 million donation, not to mention any subsequent donations that the anonymous source is considering.

Lauren Palmer, MSA Senate speaker" Mark Bresnahan, MSA president" Lexi Norris, ASUM legislative assistant" Stephen Sugg, UM system student curator" Danny Gladden, ASUM legislative assistant also signed this letter.

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