Military action is a must to remove Hussein

Nobody can deny that the removal of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from power would be a good thing. Among the Iraqis I know, I have never heard a defense of Hussein. Unfortunately, many people in the anti-war camp tend to downplay the brutality of Hussein's regime. This is a knee-jerk reaction made in the heat of raising arguments against war.

But there is no doubt that, as brutal as Saddam is, our government helped him secure chemical weapons. Further more, the United States assisted him even while he used these in his invasion of Iran ' killing 1 million people.

It is painful to hear neo-conservative politicians piously referring to these crimes, to which most of them were accomplices. These same politicians use this as evidence of Hussein's evil. Are these the folks who keep saying that whoever arms or assists a terrorist is also a terrorist?

It is also clear that we have, until now, sought to keep Hussein in power. During the Gulf War, former president George Bush urged the Kurds and Shiites to revolt, promising them assistance from the United States. When they did, we double-crossed them, allowing Hussein to mow them down ' eliminating the bulk of his opposition. Oops ... nice trick.

Then we placed sanctions on Iraq, collapsing its economy, exacerbating the misery of the Iraqis and strengthening Hussein's power over them. All this to build a military occupation of the Persian Gulf states on the pretext of protecting them from Saddam ' a threat that we had helped to create and maintain.

But all this is no argument against removing Hussein.

After a decade of this hell, of course Iraqis will dance in the streets for his removal. It means less fear and suffering, and the lifting of sanctions. For this reason alone, I hope that we remove our ex-proxy Hussein quickly and smoothly. As long as their pain ends, they may not even mind paying us in oil and sovereignty.

They will be ready acquiescing gratefully to any new proxy of our choosing who brings them relief.

And then, I hope that Americans wake up and bring to justice the terrorists and terrorist ' sponsors in our own government that have, and continue, to arm and aid terrorists like Saddam for their own purposes and those who ironically claim to be protecting us from terrorism.

We should do it before someone else has to.

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