Letter to the Editor: Suffering for God

As Chad Clem felt the need to tell a story in the Maneater's last issue, I feel compelled to tell one too. This is also a story about a young man. He always felt out of place" he always felt scared and rejected. He was a boy who could never figure out why he didn't fit in, why he had to cry himself to sleep wondering what was wrong with him.

He went to your God and pleaded for help, but God's self-appointed representatives told him his feelings were the problem. In fact, the church condemned him to burn forever, for his feelings were a disgrace to his maker. You see, he didn't fit in because he was gay, and because he lived in a society stuck on judgments and riddled with insecure so-called Christians. This boy was never molested. He had loving parents. He had everything except for a society to accept him for who he was-and is. This boy grew up to be me.

I went to church lock-ins, sang in the choir and was immersed as He commanded. I know your verses and what you believe. I was inside the church, and the church taught me how to hate myself. Is this what you're promoting? I know for a fact you're not promoting "every student's choice," because what you don't realize is there are no choices here but the choice to accept oneself.

Your letters, your ads and your rhetoric speak as if to support gay rights, but you slip when you talk about people "wanting out of homosexuality," about "the chance to save homosexuals" and about "homosexuals getting people to join homosexuality." Sexual orientation is not a club or campus organization. What you're advocating is asking people to go against the way God made them.

So I'll try to give you the benefit of the doubt, Campus Crusade for Christ. If you're so concerned about helping victims of sexual abuse, and not concerned about homosexuals, then why aren't you addressing the much larger issue of heterosexual sexual abuse? More girls are molested by heterosexuals men than any other group of children.

What ALL victims of sexual abuse need is professional help from an accredited psychologist. Out of curiosity, I called the number given by Campus Crusade an Mr. Clem's letter. A machine told me to leave my name, address and the information I wanted, and it would be sent to me. Is that how you suggest victims of sexual abuse receive help, to leave their name and number on a machine for some literature?

To all those confused about their sexual orientation because of sexual abuse, I, a member of the gay community, say this: please seek professional psychiatric help. You need the understanding ear of a trained professional.

We, as homosexuals, don't have the desire to "recruit" anyone. We don't need to. Gay and lesbian children are born everyday.

Mr. Clem and his friends at Campus Crusade seem to understand what a bad place the closet can be. Mr. Clem wrote: "Why is it seen as hateful and bigoted to offer people, many of whom are deeply hurting, another way out of the closet?"

First of all, many of us are deeply hurting. The ones who hurt are the ones trying to suppress their God-given sexual orientation. You need to look no further than the two male founders of one of your major "ex-gay" ministries, who ended up falling in love and, for obvious reasons, leaving the ministry, to illustrate that fact.

Second, your religion created the closet. For hundreds of years, it has played a key part in keeping the closet bolted shut. You have oppressed in the name of Jesus, you have condemned in the name of God, and you have used the Bible to justify your judgments, so forgive us if we are leery of your motives.

We aren't battling for souls, just for the right to live life like anyone else. We don't want converts. We just don't want to see any more gay kids suffer in the name of God.

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