The Maneater Editorial Board Statement on Current Events and Plans to Improve Maneater Practices


Mizzou Student Media had previously released a statement that did not take into account the voices most important to this issue: the Black students in our organization. The Maneater editorial board apologizes for this statement and hopes the following editorial will provide more clarity:

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and the protestors in Columbia and across the country taking the necessary steps toward racial justice. The officers that murdered George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless others must first and foremost be charged and convicted. The murders of Floyd, Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner and hundreds of others are not an accident or the work of a few “bad apples,” but a product of deeply rooted systematic racism and police brutality.

We recognize that The Maneater plays a powerful role in either upholding or dismantling systemic racism. In an effort to amplify Black students at MU, we encourage our readers to read through the #BlackAtMizzou hashtag - and take these stories to heart.

The Maneater strives to take the necessary steps to ensure that our practices prioritize seeking racial justice, including:

-Implementing a committee led by Black students and other students of color dedicated to improving The Maneater and MSM’s coverage of the fight for racial justice and their experiences in the newsroom

-Training each reporter, staff member and editor in covering diverse stories and using correct language in our headlines, stories and social media. The Maneater recognizes that precision of language in our reporting can greatly impact the repercussions of what we publish, such as using passive or active voice, correct adjective choices, etc.

-Requiring that every reporter, staff member and editor attend a diversity training meeting before having a byline on our website or in print. Additionally, we recognize that even after attending such training mistakes can still be made, but we will continue to hold people accountable as long as they work for The Maneater.

-In an effort to highlight organizations working towards racial justice both locally and nationally, for the next few months The Maneater will publish each story with a link to an organization to encourage our audience to support the movement.

We are also accepting submissions of articles, photos, artwork and other writings from any MU student who seeks a platform to comment on racial injustices, especially at MU. Please email any submissions to

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