Letter to the Editor: Want to get away with a crime? Blame a black guy

Every night on the news you see some crime happening. Then the description of the culprit appears. Whether he is 6'1" or 5'5"" 210 pounds or 155 pounds, the race and gender of the culprit seems to always be the same: a black male.

I guess this is why Nicholas Tarpoff thought it would be okay to say that a black male tried to rob and shoot him. I am also sure the Columbia Police Department rushed to get this description and add it to the list of crimes that this "some black guy" committed.

I mean, look at what happened in South Carolina. Susan Smith blamed the same "some black guy" for kidnapping her kids. People in South Carolina were in a frenzy to find this person, but boy did they feel stupid when it turned out that Smith was the one who killed her kids. It is always amazing that when a black kid is pulled over by a cop, he always fits the description of "some black guy," whether it is murder, battery, robbery, etc.

I guess blaming "some black guy" is easy, especially because African Americans are six times more likely to be arrested for the same crime than whites are. African Americans are five times more likely to get the death penalty for the same crime than whites. So don't think that only Susan Smith and Nicholas Tarpoff are the only victims of' "some black guy."

So here's a tip for all you white people out there, if you want to get away with a crime, just blame it on "some black guy." But do it soon, because America is going to catch this "some black guy" even if she has to arrest every black male in America to do it.

Oh yeah, by the way, I think I fit the description of that "some black guy."

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