Editorial: Wishes call for campus unity

As the semester closes, we find ourselves reflecting back on a semester of increased retention rates of high—potential freshmen, only a 3-percent tuition increase and the approved mission-enhancement statement. But the realities of self-segregation, student apathy and irresponsible alcohol consumption are still targeting the MU campus.

As the semester closes, The Maneater looks back on a semester of ups and downs and looks forward to a semester in which our holiday wishes come true:

  1. A school in which students and faculty alike cross racial lines, where self-segregation does not exist simply because people are scared to leave their comfort zones or fear the mocking of their peers. Students and faculty need to stop making excuses and begin to change their attitudes and practices. Significant change in race relations will only arise from small steps. Start walking.

  2. An end to student apathy. Students need to quit their endless complaining and begin taking comprehensive action. It's not enough to only complain - students need to be active if they expect to make a difference. When only one student out of a potential 16,000 undergraduates attends a plus/minus grading forum, there is a serious problem. Yet all students on campus are vocal about their displeasure with the system. Now is the time to get out and do something.

  3. The inclusion of a sexual orientation clause in the non-discrimination statement. This will not just happen by some miracle. The UM system Board of Curators has ignored the issue. This permanent, necessary change can only happen through student action. Students must write curators and legislators to let them know how they feel. They must overcome the apathy so prevalent on campus. If students want any kind of change or progress, they need to realize the power of the pen and start sending letters. The Board of Curators can be reached at 316 University Hall or by calling 882-2388. U.S. Sen. John Ashcroft can be reached at Suite 440, 8000 Maryland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63105 or by calling (314) 725-4484" U.S. Sen. Christopher Bond at 339 Broadway, Room 214, Cape Girardeau, Mo. 63701 or by calling (314) 334-7044" state Sen. Ken Jacob at 4810 St. Charles Road, Columbia, Mo. 65201 or by calling (573) 751-2131.

  4. Students need to realize the power of MSA. Historically, MU students have not recognized what the student government can do for them. This semester, there was a record turnout of 2,000 out of 16,000 undergraduates who voted in MSA elections. But this is not enough. To say we have a record turnout when only one-eighth of the undergraduate population voted is pathetic. MSA is the collective voice and power of MU's undergraduate population" it's your voice and your power. Through MSA, students have the power to lobby for and enact immense change.

  5. Students using alcohol responsibly. Too many times this semester, we have seen students being irresponsible. You know what your body can handle. Make it part of your business to know where and who your friends are and that the designated driver is sober.

Students need to come back from winter break with a fresh start. MU isn't perfect, but only students can change the problems plaguing an apathetic, divided campus.

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