Breaking down Clery releases since 2011

Sixteen of the 53 releases involved sexual assault and rape.

The MU Police Department has sent out 53 Clery releases, or emails informing MU students and employees of crimes reported on campus, since 2011. The Maneater analyzed Clery releases from 2011 to the present based on data from MUPD’s website.

Clery releases are not related to reports made to the Title IX office, which released its first annual report Thursday. The Title IX Office does not share information about sexual assaults with the police department. The only time it would share information with the police department is if there was a threat to overall campus safety, MU spokesperson Christian Basi said.

Sexual assault and rape were the most commonly Clery-reported incidents, with 16 reports. Males were the suspects in 89 percent of the reports, and females were the victims in 66 percent of the reports.

Race of the suspect was specified in 40 of the 53 releases. Of the releases that included race, 45 percent listed the suspect as white and 45 percent listed the suspect as black.

The 2012-13 school year had the most releases sent of the past five school years, with 16.

All schools that participate in federal financial aid programs are required to send timely warnings about campus crimes that pose a threat to students or employees based on the Jeanne Clery Act, according to the Clery Center for Security on Campus.

We broke the data down by categories in the graphics below:

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