Maneater Long Reads: A Dance to Remember

“For the Kids” is more than a mindset. It’s a lifestyle for the numerous MizzouThon members who put in much more than the 13.1 hours devoted to the main event.
In an emotional moment in MIzzouThon leadership, they reveal the record amount of money raised in the last year. The $276,664 will go to the MU Children's Hospital.

A sea of bright yellow shuffles from foot to foot as Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor” thumps through the loudspeakers. Participants coo at children, showing off their best dance moves. An MU student and young child twirl together on the outskirts of the colorful pack, cha-cha-ing in a carefree fashion.

This is MizzouThon, the largest student-run philanthropy on campus.

To read the entire story of how this year's dance marathon came together, click here.

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