Missouri soccer postpones season opener against Florida

Confirmed Gators COVID-19 cases resulted in the match’s postponement.

Missouri women’s soccer has postponed its season and home opener against the Florida Gators.

The postponement of the match, which was originally slated for Saturday, comes as three Florida players test positive for COVID-19.

Florida has also enacted “widespread quarantines for those in their direct contact,” per the school’s athletic department.

“The [postponement] is consistent with COVID-19 management requirements developed by the SEC’s Medical Guidance Task Force,” a release from Mizzou Athletics said.

With the two teams exploring new options for a fixture, Missouri looks to open its season at South Carolina on Sept. 27.

Following the postponement, Missouri’s home opener will take place on Oct. 3rd against Vanderbilt. No updates have been provided as to the stadium capacity and rules for home fixtures.

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