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Apr. 22, 2021

‘Synchronic’ uses typical sci-fi trope and manages to make it original

“Synchronic” brings hope for a genre that uses recycled tropes and unintentionally reminds us to stay away from drugs.

Apr. 22, 2021

Review: ‘Why Did You Kill Me?’ is less about social media and more about gang violence

The Netflix true-crime documentary looks at the complexities of gang activity and the emotional toll of grief.

Apr. 20, 2021

‘Concrete Cowboy’ relies on cast, scenery for interest

The new Netflix film about a close-knit group of urban cowboys gets slowed down by its story.

Apr. 14, 2021

‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’ is not ‘SVU,’ and that’s not a bad thing

The Bensler reunion SVU enthusiasts have been waiting for finally arrived.

Apr. 13, 2021

Review: Taylor Swift reclaims her music ownership and enhances beloved songs in “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”

The re-recorded album adds technical improvements and slight artistic changes but maintains the nostalgic beauty of the original songs.

Apr. 13, 2021

Despite criticism, Lil Nas X assumes his rightful throne

The “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” rapper descends into hell in his new music video but has ascended to stardom in the music industry.

Apr. 12, 2021

Welcome to Planet H.E.R: The reign of Doja Cat

Doja Cat has just released the first single off of her upcoming project “Planet H.E.R” and needless to say it did not disappoint.

Mar. 24, 2021

COVID-19 gives Grammys a fresh format

The awards show, often criticized for its tone-deafness, caught up with the times for 2021.

Mar. 24, 2021

‘Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal’ exposes a deeper meaning in the chaos

Netflix's new documentary shows there is more pride in achieving honestly than taking a side door.

Mar. 24, 2021

Review: “Dark Web: Cicada 3301” is the comedy thriller that is neither comedic nor thrilling

The film’s forgettable characters follow the trail of a cryptic internet puzzle, taking a fascinating real-life phenomenon and sucking away the excitement.

Mar. 17, 2021

How Sojourner Truth’s words remain crucial decades later

The American abolitionist and women’s rights activist whose speeches are just as powerful today.

Mar. 16, 2021

‘Moxie’ makes noteworthy attempt at intersectional feminism

Though we should handle it with caution, “Moxie” fills a gaping hole in the Netflix catalog.

Mar. 16, 2021

Review: Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess breathes fire into feminism in “Raya and the Last Dragon”

The courageous warrior, Raya, tackles substantial challenges of trusting others, and viewers should trust that the movie is worth the ticket price.

Mar. 10, 2021

‘Coming 2 America’ honors the original and elevates the story in the best way

Ah, who could possibly forget the tale of Prince Akeem and the Land of Queens?

Mar. 08, 2021

Spring soundtrack: Old favorites, new releases from every genre

With a new season comes great new music.

Mar. 02, 2021

‘Gilda, are you decent?’ Interpreting Rita Hayworth’s femme fatale

An old Hollywood fan reflects on what makes her favorite star’s most famous film memorable today.

Feb. 24, 2021

‘To All The Boys: Always and Forever’ really tries to capture the feelings of growing up in love

The final movie in the ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ trilogy ends the series with a nice, yet lacking touch.

Feb. 23, 2021

Sia’s film ‘Music’ fails to represent autism

The movie fumbles every chance it gets to portray autism, and shouldn’t be watched at all.

Feb. 22, 2021

Review: “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel” is an enthralling addition to Netflix’s true crime collection

Elisa Lam’s 2013 disappearance and an unnerving security tape of her erratic behavior prompt an internet frenzy in this documentary series.

Feb. 21, 2021

I watched ‘Framing Britney Spears’ and it gave me a rude awakening

I watched ‘Framing Britney Spears’ and it gave me a rude awakening

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