Sailing documentary ‘Maiden’ creates waves in women’s media portrayal

Director Alex Holmes’ documentary shines light on the sport of competitive sailing, and women in athletics.

GLAAD Media Awards honor best in queer art

The award show celebrated “Love, Simon,” Sean Hayes and Beyonce among others.

‘Gimme Truth!’ game show packs The Blue Note with creators, fans

The game show is a True/False favorite, inviting guest documentarians and film buffs alike to test their mettle and guess at the validity of various films.

‘No Data Plan’ presents tragic mix of choppy narrative, impossibly boring footage of Miko Revereza’s three-day train ride

Miko Revereza’s documentary “No Data Plan” feels more like a documentary about train rides than his life as an immigrant living in the U.S.

‘Cold Case Hammarskjöld’ presents a compelling case with appalling accusations

While “Cold Case Hammarskjöld” starts as a murder investigation, the movie quickly evolves into something far more sinister.

‘The Edge of Democracy’: a guide through Brazil’s current administration

“The Edge of Democracy” shows a behind the scene of the Brazilian government, from protests against the government all over the country and a presidential impeachment to one of the most controversial elections in Brazil’s history. Everything viewed through personal experiences of director Petra Costa.

‘Chinese Portrait’ shows snippets of life all over China

This documentary by Wang Xiaoshuai takes viewers all across China, its lack of commentary or voiceovers making it a “pure picture” up for anyone’s interpretation.