Board of Curators votes down Thomas Jefferson Contextualization Task Force recommendation

At an all-day public session Thursday, the UM System Board of Curators voted not to implement the suggestions made by the Task Force for the Contextualization of Thomas Jefferson after students and faculty called for the statue’s removal.

From Thomas Jefferson to Twitter: moments that defined MU this year

Administration demonstrated a tendency to suppress student concerns about COVID-19 and racism on campus.

Student activist group Mizzou 600 organizes campus-wide protest

Students demonstrated against the future restructuring of the MU Department of Social Justice.

Peace organizations gather at Peace Park for 50th anniversary of Kent State and Jackson State shootings

Peaceworks, Veterans for Peace and those opposed to war came together at Peace Park to remember those who lost their lives in the shootings.

MU Extension grads pull over Black Columbia residents at disproportionate rate

MU Extension’s Law Enforcement Training Institute program sent officers to the Columbia Police Department who ended up disproportionately pulling over Black individuals.

Protesters gather in Jefferson City to oppose anti-trans legislation

The legislation limits transgender youth’s access to sports teams that match their gender identity and gender-confirming healthcare for minors.

New delivery app, TheGoodz, launches on campus

TheGoodz, an alcohol and snack delivery service has recently gained popularity on the MU campus.