Coldplay shifts their style in new album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’

Coldplay’s new album turned their traditional alternative rock style to electro-pop, and we like it.
Courtesy of Coldplay

In contrast to Coldplay’s most recent album, “Ghost Stories,” their new album, “A Head Full of Dreams,” packs a punch of electro-pop vibes. This album screams of euphoric energy. In “Adventures of a Lifetime,” a funky and intriguing melody guides the beat on with a light, looped guitar riff. Chris Martin leads Coldplay in a harmonious blend of vocals and instrumental bliss and a pure blast of happy, carefree energy. With tracks like “A Head Full of Dreams” and “Birds,” this album takes on a fast beat that makes it nearly impossible not to get out of your seat and dance.

“A Head Full of Dreams,” the band’s seventh album, invites the listener to let go and appreciate the beauty of life. With the articulate work of guitarist Jonny Buckland and drummer Will Champion, the band lifts your spirits up with giddy yet careful melodies and beats. Other songs on the album are a little slower and showcase atmospherical vocals. “Fun,” featuring Tove Lo, develops a steady and peaceful rhythm accompanied by lush lyrics and innovative falsetto peaks in the chorus. Additionally, “Everglow” floats in tranquilly with the movement of piano and synth sounds, steady with a quiet and soothing beat.

This overall mood seems to accept the world and the goodness around us in cheerful lyrics and upbeat melodies. Resembling their 2011 hit album “Mylo Xyloto,” which includes popular tracks like “Paradise,” this album is a winner for anyone who prefered the more positive and energetic feelings from that album. Coldplay does a successful job in sending the listener on a celestial journey of relaxation and joy. If you're looking for a way to get out of the winter blues, “A Head Full of Dreams” doesn't only pull you from the coldness of the gloomy winter, it warms your soul.

MOVE gives “A Head Full of Dreams” 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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