Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats bring their soulful R&B sound to Roots N Blues N BBQ

The Denver-based group brings neo-soul to Columbia at the music festival Roots N Blues N BBQ

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats offer a sort of time machine, creating music that takes you back to the kind of sound that was popular in the ‘60s. Rateliff’s music is reminiscent of soul superstar Otis Redding’s, with its powerful horn sections and swelling organs. It’s no wonder the band signed to the Redding’s legendary former label, Stax Records, in 2015. Before the success though, Rateliff’s musical career began here, in Missouri.

Rateliff was raised in Hermann, MO. After learning drums at seven years old, he joined his family’s gospel band. Following his father’s death, Rateliff began teaching himself guitar and writing his own music at 13 years old. It was around this time that he found his father’s old record collection and discovered artists like Muddy Waters, John Lennon and Van Morrison, which greatly influenced his musical style.

Rateliff left school at 16 and moved to Denver, CO with his friend Joseph Pope III. It was in Denver where Rateliff and Pope began their first band, Born in the Flood. They played a variety of styles, and it was in Born in the Flood where Rateliff honed his songwriting, taking heavy influence from folk legends like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.

Eventually, Rateliff began another project, the Wheel. Their debut LP “Desire and Dissolving Men” showcased more of Rateliff’s emotional writing style. Soon after the release of “Desire,” Rateliff began performing solo, and released his debut solo album, “In Memory of Loss” in 2010.

In 2013, he released another solo album, “Falling Faster Than You Can Run.”

Two years later, Rateliff released his third solo project, “Closer,” and shifted from writing folk ballads to vintage R&B songs. It was from these R&B songs that the Night Sweats were born. Their self-titled debut album features the biggest hit of Rateliff’s career, “S.O.B.”. Following the success of their debut, they began a worldwide tour in 2016. During this tour, the Night Sweats released an eight-song EP “A Little Something More From.” Earlier this year, the band released their second studio album, “Tearing at the Seams.”

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats will perform at the MO Lottery Stage at 7:30 PM on Sunday.

Familiarize yourself with the Night Sweats before they perform on Sept. 30 at the MO Lottery Stage at 7:30 p.m.:

“Hey” by Born in the Flood “Just for Me (But I Thought of You)” by The Wheel “You Should’ve Seen The Other Guy” by Nathaniel Rateliff “Early Spring Till” by Nathaniel Rateliff “Laborman” by Nathaniel Rateliff “Laughter” by Nathaniel Rateliff “S.O.B.” “I Need Never Get Old” “Hey Mama” “You Worry Me”

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