Blue Note to hold Mad Men Holiday Soiree

The event features a fashion show and jazz orchestra
Courtesy of the Blue Note

A big band orchestra is playing Rat-Pack-era classics, the bar is serving Gin Gimlets and people all around you are sporting patterned, colorful clothing. This may sound like the 1960s, but it’s this Saturday, Dec. 10 at the Blue Note.

The Blue Note is hosting their second annual Mad Men Holiday Soiree tonight. The event will feature the Amalgamation Jazz Orchestra, classic cocktails such as Old Fashioneds and Gin Gimlets and a fashion show presented by Maude Vintage and Muse Clothing.

According to the Blue Note website, “It’s December 10th, 1967 and you work for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. This is your office holiday party. Break out your swankiest ‘60s garb and head down to Columbia’s oldest and classiest theatre for an unforgettable night of style, sophistication, and pure fantasy.”

Matt Gerding, current Blue Note owner, previously hosted the event at the Majestic, a theatre in Madison, Wisconsin. Gerding, who owned the Majestic at the time, decided to carry on the tradition after purchasing the Blue Note last year.

“We’ve already sold about 350 tickets,” Gerding said. “It was a big hit last year so we decided to do it again.”

Amalgamation Jazz Orchestra, a 14-piece big band orchestra, will be performing Frank Sinatra-era classics. Later in the night, DJ Jen Ha will be playing more Mad-Men-era hits.

The event will also feature hors d'oeuvres, courtesy of bleu Events catering.

“We had a brief fashion show last year, but it’s going to be expanded this year,” Gerding said. The fashion show, featuring Muse Clothing and Maude Vintage Clothing, will feature vintage looks that represent the Mad Men era.

“Last year wasn’t really a fashion show,” Muse Clothing owner Nickie Davis said. “We just had models walking around the party.”

This year will be a true fashion show, with full looks, hair styling and makeup courtesy of Lips and Curls salon.

Muse recruited models through word of mouth and connections with customers. Eight of the models will be made up by Lips and Curls.

The models aren’t the only people who will be in costume. Guests are encouraged to show up in ‘60s looks.

“People really enjoy that it’s a costume party and they can get dressed up and swanky during the holiday season,” Gerding said.

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