How downtown Columbia has changed over the past school year

What’s arrived on the scene this year?

Columbia’s downtown area is what makes it feel like a true city. It’s vibrant, charming and always changing. New locations open, old ones close to make room and, of course, apartment buildings spring up every now and then. Seven new complexes have been added to the downtown matrix in the past five years.

If you want to reminisce, here’s a guide to what’s closed, what’s new and what’s moved in downtown Columbia.

What’s new

Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins

Thankfully for students without cars, Columbia’s second Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins opened downtown in the beginning of April. The store, located across the street from the School of Journalism, is a combination Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins.


Downtown Columbia really has a place for everybody to live now, if you’re willing to pay for it. Rise on 9th, District Flats, Brookside Downtown, The Lofts On Broadway and TODD are just several options, as well as another unnamed complex by Brookside being constructed at Sixth and Elm. A sign on the site says the project will be completed in 2017.

Rise on 9th is the complex that replaced Quinton’s Bar and Deli and Britches earlier this year. Quinton’s closed, while Britches moved just a few storefronts down Ninth Street. Rise on 9th is still under construction and plans to be open for fall 2017.

Brookside has several housing complexes around Columbia, including Brookside Downtown above Shakespeare’s and Brookside Midtown, which has been around since 2013 and is north of Broadway, alongside College Avenue.

My House

My House is a sports bar and nightclub with a rooftop lounge. The bar offers bottle service, and from the outside, it looks strangely like a house. When people say, “Let’s go to My House,” it’s not hard to imagine groups getting confused about where to meet.

The Understudy

The second of two new bars downtown this year, The Understudy, which opened in late 2016, is owned by the same proprietors of The Shot Bar. It’s located on Cherry Street underneath Kaldi’s. Just like The Shot Bar, this one doesn’t charge cover — ever.

What’s Moved

Root Cellar

Root Cellar is a grocery store that’s been downtown since 2001. Previously on Walnut Street near ARTlandish Gallery, Root Cellar is now near Rose Music Hall at Tenth and Park streets.

The store focused on serving Missouri-produced food such as vegetables and fruits.

“Our products tell the story of Missouri's farmers,” Root Cellar’s says. “Rice from the Bootheel, bacon and beef from the plains and salad greens from the rolling hills of the Missouri River.”

Vinyl Renaissance

Vinyl Renaissance is in the process of moving from North Tenth Street to South Ninth Street.

It’s moving into the old space of Woody’s Guy’s & Gal’s, which occupied a bigger location than Vinyl Renaissance currently has. The record store wanted to stay in its old location through Record Store Day, April 22. Now, the store will start moving into its new location, which already has signs indicating its presence in the new space.

Before the store moves, though, check out its great sale on used records and CDs — 50 percent off anything dated April 16, 2016, or earlier.

What’s Coming

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

The store projected to open Aug. 10 at 205 East Nifong Blvd. is one of two locations coming to Columbia this year. The other, projected to open Aug. 24, will be closer to campus at 915 Locust St. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will serve baja-style tacos and other fast-food Tex-Mex. It’s originally from Fort Worth, but expanded outside Texas into 10 other states. The closest locations at this point are in St. Louis and Kansas City.

What’s gone

Ultramax Sports

Ultramax Sports was a running and triathlon store as well as a race-timing company. The store’s location on the southeast corner of Seventh and Broadway closed at the end of March.

The downtown store was the company’s last brick-and-mortar establishment to remain open, according to the store’s website. Ultramax also had locations in Springfield and Kansas City.

“As of March 29, we are getting out of the retail business,” owner Amy Livesay said in a video announcement. “We are going to be focusing more on the other two avenues of our business, Ultramax Tees and our event production side.”

Woody’s Guy’s & Gal’s

According to the store’s Facebook page, Woody’s closed at the end of 2016. It was a clothing store that also sold small gifts and some beard accessories, if you need that sort of thing. Women’s clothes were also available, but it was primarily a men’s fashion store.

That was its only location, and there’s no word on whether another one will open. However, the space won’t be sitting empty for long — Vinyl Renaissance will be moving in soon.


Bleu was once a breakfast buffet north of Broadway, but the company has since closed its restaurant to focus on the catering side of its business, now known as Bleu Events. Bleu caters all types of events and teamed up with a winery in March to host a parent’s weekend.

Quinton’s Bar and Deli

Located in a historic building downtown, this bar was demolished at the end of last school year to make way for the Rise on 9th apartments, which are still under construction. Many Columbia residents and MU students weren’t too happy with the demolition of the bar.

“While the next iteration may take some time, we are confident it will be worth checking out when it’s complete,” reads an announcement on Quinton’s website.

Though the future for Quinton’s is murky, Tonic Night Club at 122 S. Ninth St. is owned by the same people and remains open. The atmosphere is a little different, but it makes for a fun night.

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