Nasty Women Art Exhibit comes to Columbia

Columbia’s nasty women unite to make nasty art.
The Nasty Women Art Exhibit will be shown in the ARTlandish Gallery in downtown Columbia from Feb. 3 to March 3.

A previous version of this article misstated the name of Artists for Social Justice on first reference. MOVE Magazine regrets the error.

After the historic Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches, women and their allies are uniting to make art supporting themselves and each other in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration as president.

During February, artists around Columbia will bring their work to ARTlandish Gallery for the city’s Nasty Women Art Exhibit in support of women around the country. The exhibit is organized by Columbia’s Artists for Social Justice group, and proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood of Columbia.

“The women's exhibits hope to bring awareness of challenges women might face under the incoming administration,” spokeswoman Jacque Pepper said in a news release. “These challenges include threats to women's rights and access to healthcare, and they affect women nationwide, especially women from low-income families.”

The art exhibit in Columbia is one of many that will be happening across the country. New York City hosted one lasting from Jan. 12-15 and brought in $42,000 for Planned Parenthood, according to San Diego also hosted one lasting from Jan. 21-28.

Columbia’s exhibition will last longer, from Feb. 3 to March 3. Participants will have until March 7 to pick up any pieces that didn’t sell.

All art brought in will be up for sale, and artists will determine their own prices. Lisa Bartlett, one of the exhibit’s coordinators, said all members of the Artists for Social Justice group will be participating and bringing in art. They have 45 pieces for the exhibit as of the submission deadline.

There is no minimum skill level required to display art at the show — just create something and bring it in. As long as you’re a “nasty woman” or a “nasty woman ally,” as it says on the event’s Facebook page, you’re invited to the show.

“If you feel strongly enough to make a piece, we’d love to have it,” Bartlett said. “The fundraiser for Planned Parenthood is the biggest goal.”

Besides the art, a pop-up bake sale called Baked Revolution will be present on opening day and will donate all their proceeds to ACLU, Bartlett said. The night the exhibit opens is also First Friday, a monthly event around downtown Columbia, and Lovefest, ARTlandish’s Valentine’s Day event. Poetry and live music by and about women will also be presented.

The group behind the event, Artists for Social Justice, formed around the time of the election. Bartlett is a founding member.

“It’s an organization that formed to raise awareness for underrepresented groups through presentations and workshops,” Bartlett said.

Their goal is to put on at least four exhibits a year. Each will have a different group to whom the money raised by the exhibits will go. This time, the money will go to Columbia’s Planned Parenthood chapter, and the next exhibit will center around food.

“There are 11-14 people who are the core group putting on exhibits,” Bartlett said. “It grew out of a feeling of helplessness.”

Columbia’s Nasty Women Art Exhibit begins at 6 p.m. on Feb. 3 at ARTlandish Gallery.

“Our goal is not to sit around and bitch and moan and complain about the state of things,” Bartlett said. “Our goal is to use art in a powerful way.”

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