Post Sex Nachos solidifies its sound with new album ‘Grandpa Slinks’

The local ragtag band Post Sex Nachos releases their sophomore album.

From upbeat dancing music to some slower enchanting songs, Post Sex Nachos’ sophomore album, “Grandpa Slinks,” has a wide range of cohesive sounds that the band is excited to share.

Post Sex Nachos is a local Columbia band made up of bassist Chase Mueller, lead guitar Mitch Broddon, drummer Hunter Pendleton, vocalist and rhythm guitar Samuel Elfanbaum and manager Robert Hoffman. Post Sex Nachos formed in January 2018. Their first self-titled album, “Post Sex Nachos,” was released about a year ago, but the band said that their sophomore album will be much different.

“It’s definitely much tighter than what our old stuff is,” Pendleton said. “Really taking what we wanted to hear out of our first album and wanting to tighten it up, making it really solid.”

The band recorded the entirety of “Grandpa Slinks” in October of 2020 but decided to wait to release it until live shows were more of a possibility. Hoffman said the album is “live-oriented” and will get an audience up and moving during a show.

With their popular songs like “Coffee” and “Holdin’ on to You”, the band wanted to further develop their own voice and style on this new album.

“It’s our first cohesive project to date that shows a unique style for us,” Elfanbaum said. “It's exciting that we get to showcase a new version of ourselves.”

The new album will have a style that is reflective of past alternative sounds as well. Elfanbaum said that the album is energetic and fast-paced, although some of its lyrics might not reflect this energetic sound.

“It’s a throwback style of sound to what the alternative indie rock scene sounded like in 2010,” Elfanbaum said. “It’s a modernized version of our songwriting by using a few new instruments and solidifying a style for ourselves.”

Pendleton said that much has changed since the band released its debut album about a year ago. As the band was recording its first album, MU canceled in-person classes due to the pandemic.

“Now it's kind of weird a year later, in a different position, and releasing an entirely different body of music,” Pendleton said.

When releasing the album, the band wanted to consider the possibility of live performances in the near future, since this album is focused around upbeat, lively music.

“A lot of it has to do with maximizing the possibility of being able to perform this album live and tour with it,” Hoffman said. “Once vaccine roll-outs started picking up, we felt it was best to make sure we can play it when live performances would be back.”

The band is excited to release their album and hopefully perform it live soon.

“There is a great range of the type of songs that people are going to enjoy. People are going to be dancing, but then there are some slower tracks that we really think could be standouts as well,” Hoffman said. “Our main goal is that we want people to listen all the way through it and enjoy the rollercoaster.”

The album is available on all streaming platforms.

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