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The key to a thick wallet while shopping is patience and vigilance.

Video games are a fun and relaxing hobby that can be taken as seriously as major league sports or as casually as a crossword puzzle. Unfortunately with today's gaming market, as well as its rise in mainstream popularity, equipment and games that continue to keep the pastime fresh are extremely pricey.

A new Triple-A game, fresh off the press, can cost anywhere from $60-$75 depending on pre-orders. Indie titles are cheaper, running anywhere from $15-$35. But everyone loves variety, especially in a media outlet so saturated with it. Consoles, PC and equipment are even pricier as an Xbox 1 or a PS4 are anywhere from $250-$300 not including special editions. Nintendo’s new Switch console stays steadily at $300 but that doesn't include all of the accessories that it requires.

PC can be even worse with graphics cards in the thousands of dollars and full elite builds. These can run the most graphically and processing-heavy games and can be anywhere from $700-$7,000.

Using sites such as Humble Bundle or IsThereAnyDeal allows you to mitigate costs for games as best you can and keep your wallet thick and happy, at least for any reader using a PC. Oftentimes, the solution to getting a game that is costly is to wait.

On Nov. 1, Blizzard launched a promotion during BlizzCon 2018 that gifted Destiny 2 for free to each account on PC, including those made within the 16-day period.

Little deals like this, discounts and price drops come around continually throughout the year. Although summer and winter Steam sales do see the most discounts with the lowest drops, the best thing to do when you want a specific game is to pin it to a wishlist or write it down and check on the price weekly if the price is too steep.

For the console enthusiast, buying a physical copy of the game that has already been used is one of the best options. While a physical copy does take up space and leaving the couch to go to the store can be a hassle, it's easier to find marked down games that can be as low as 75 percent off. This is especially true when the games have been out for longer than a year. If leaving the house is out of the question, keeping your eye on digital markets is the next line of defense for your bank account.

Following sales information online or just dipping into store searches every now and then lets you know a lot about the state of discounts in the marketplace. The key to a thick wallet while shopping is patience and vigilance.

For console and PC parts, buying and selling tends to take place in physical spaces. Oftentimes, online retailers and part manufacturers will have PC parts or a specific console on sale, but rarely can you set up a notification system for a specific part. Once again, keeping an eye on the deals is the best way to spot them. Also, having multiple sites on your watch list is a good idea in case one deal is better than another.

Keeping your eyes and ears open while using the best sites and resources at your disposal can keep your wallet full. But the downside is that to pull it off, you need consistent dedication and some personal restraint. If a game goes on sale for 10 percent off the original price, it might not be worth splurging on. Keeping your eyes on the prize and your nose to the ground will keep your library full, your hands on a controller and your wallet tucked safely away.

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